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  1. Freeze Bug [Spoilers obviously]
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  3. Dodge System
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  13. TV bug at the Theater
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  16. Game gets confused when other downloads finish
  17. No replay scenes
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  19. observatory issue
  20. The game freezes
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  22. Very Low Graphics Setting
  23. PC AWAN Support FAQ and Known Issues - PLEASE READ FIRST
  24. PC Alan Wakes American Nightmare freezes
  25. PC V-Sync not working in SLI mode
  26. PC Over-the-shoulder view keeps changing back to left
  27. Unpleasant fade-in at the beginning of all speech lines
  28. PC Gun case misplacement in Oil Field
  29. PC Alan Wake American Nightmare Crashes on startup
  30. PC The garage emma is in
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  32. PC Consistent CTD at end of Rest Stop Part 2 **SPOILERS**
  33. PC non-SSE2 support
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  35. Lost Save While Reinstalling Windows
  36. PC Could not read from file "File residing in memory"
  37. Trouble with Language Switching
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  44. PC Wont load?
  45. PC Make Alan walk to where his flashlight is pointing.
  46. PC Object Rendering Issue
  47. PC Gap in the world
  48. proplem
  49. PC Can't launch game
  50. SLI/framerate issue
  51. PC Big Problem
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  53. PC Stuck in oilfield
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  62. Support Needed.
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  64. PC multi sample antialising & very low graphics mode
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  69. PC -developermenu how work?
  70. PC Black and White
  71. PC right and left arrows for movement