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  9. Conspiracy theory!!
  10. Was the live action model for Alice the same lady from AW?
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  13. 2000 Taken Achievement
  14. Disapointed by the easiness
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  16. Alan's role in this.Theories. SPOILERS!!
  17. Falling satellites?
  18. Need a little help with a few AW's AN collectibles
  19. The fan in the projection building.
  20. Something That Might Confuse People (SPOILERS AHEAD)
  21. Eliminate remaining enemies in oil field
  22. Possible future antagonists for future games?[Spoilers]
  23. Alan's "Powers"
  24. So.. Is it real or not?.. (Theories) SPOILERS-Don't Read if you haven't completed DLC
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  27. [SPOILERS] Questions about Scratch.
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  38. I've got some questions about the story
  39. The Alan Wake environments, symbolic meanings
  40. Rewriting reality idea.
  41. Frequency of a certain creepy crawly...