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EU release date

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  • EU release date

    GameFAQs lists Alan Wake as a September release. Click me

    I just want to know the veracity of this information. Could it be that Alan Wake could finally be enjoyed by our European brothers by September? Say what you will about their boards, GameFAQs are actually pretty reliable with their release dates. That's the reason why I'm curious.
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    Re: EU release date

    I was discussing this very same thing on the AW gamefaq board. This release date is pure speculation on their part. Gamefaqs is not Remedy or Microsoft. So until either one of them says so, it's still "when it's done."

    I would love for it to be out in Sept.(if it was finished and all), but it's just not gonna happen.
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      Re: EU release date

      You might not even see any Alan Wake material until October (Tokyo Game Show appearance).
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        Re: EU release date

        Until some credible info is published from either Remedy or MGS, we're clamping down all threads regarding 'possible' release dates. Sorry.