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What does the ending mean. (SPOILERS!)

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  • What does the ending mean. (SPOILERS!)

    Alright, so I just got done playing Alan Wake. And may I just say this, PERFECT GAME. Forget the whole lip syncing thing, I could find, NO FLAWS. Probably the best game I've ever played.
    But as for the ending, I don't understand.
    Why does Alan dive in then it skips and we see her swimming to the top all alone. Is he still at the bottom of the lake? Or did he just die? And what's up with him saying, "Its not a lake, it's an ocean."?
    If anyone can just give me a quick rundown of the ending and what it all meant, I would be really grateful. It's been a long time since I saw a game with this good of a story.
    Good job Remedy!
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    Re: What does the ending mean. (SPOILERS!)

    Great game but wow... I was just more confused and dissapointed with the ending. My wife was also more confused as well.


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      Re: What does the ending mean. (SPOILERS!)

      Lots of explanations and speculation there.
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