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Finished the Game With the Sun Coming Up

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  • Finished the Game With the Sun Coming Up

    Poetic, I know. I was finishing up the Writer as the sun started to come up, not the regular episodes. I did notice that as the Signal progressed, the creepiness of the enemies was dwindling down to basically nothing so that by the time the Writer started, I stopped caring about the enemies at all: they were just things in my way. All throughout episode 1 to 6, I would definitely be scared of waiting for their approach and fighting them.

    I wonder if it was intentional or not, but at that point in the game Alan himself has to be going, "Dude are these guys ever going to stop? Now they're just slowing me down." And that also makes me wonder, if/when the sequel is made, I doubt it's going to have the same effect. I played through most of the game with the lights out and a good pair of headphones on. The whole package was sufficiently creepy.

    I don't think with a second, third and fourth play through everything is going to have quite the same effect as it did the first time (not that I'm going to play through it that many times but, you know, other people do). The Fight With Light concept was interesting through the first play through and facilitated an interesting sense of dread in combat. That along with the fog picking up and the creepy wind sound effects when enemies are near, but I think it may all start to lose its luster in a second game.

    Sadly, American Nightmare isn't out for PC (yet) so I don't know anything about how the whole thing extends to another game.

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    Re: Finished the Game With the Sun Coming Up

    Actually, it ends pretty much the same way. The sun comes up (And that's all I will say).
    "Because you won, I am speaking in a Dramatic Voice"