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  • Alan Wake Blog -Part 1- Survival in a Hostile Climate

    Waking Up in Bright Falls

    The Alan Wake Official Survival Guide: Overview

    I first encountered the work of Alan Wake almost four years ago to the day, on May 9th, 2006. As an avid follower of his work, I leapt at the opportunity to study the man’s movements, his various tasks and treks around the Pacific Northwest, and the many strange, obtuse, and violently frightening occurrences therein. These have been compiled into a weighty tome, published in association with Roundabout Press. The following sums up the elements contained within this book:

    Part 1 of 6: Survival in a Hostile Climate

    Gathering evidence was a lengthy process taking many months, but the results provide an interesting and extremely helpful introduction into the small inlet town of Bright Falls, Washington State. The chapter begins with a Foreward I wrote, and an odd, and exclusively-presented “Lost File”, apparently typed in the same style as Alan Wake’s many manuscript pages.

    The real meat of the piece is then presented, starting with excerpts from the Bright Falls tourist pamphlet showing every location Wake visited. Next are “Basic Tenets to Live By”, plans of survival seemingly written for the author’s own benefit, as if listing the ways in which he already experienced life in the wilderness, and wanted to share it with others. Then comes “The Huntsman’s Guide to Weaponry”; an introduction to the available firearms used mainly by outdoorsmen in the Bright Falls area, taken from the September issue of Track, Kill, Then Eat Magazine, and reprinted by their kind permission.

    Following that is a section called “Taken by the Dark Presence.” The slightly archaic evidence that follows was found in an old shoebox, and appears to be notes written sometime during the late 1960s, revealing a strange underclass of apparently damned entities known as The Taken. Finally, the book’s publishers, in conjunction with the Elderwood Park Service, provided some common-sense guidelines to hikers determined to visit rural or dangerous locations after sunset. The publishers accept no responsibility for accidents arising from following these tips, although veteran fell-walkers swear by them.

    For more information about the complete strategy guide follow this link- Alan Wake
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