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Okay...What the hell happened?

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  • Okay...What the hell happened?

    Hey guys, I just finished Alan Wake and I'm REALLY confused by the ending.

    What happened exactly? Did Alan sacrafice himself so that his wife can be saved? And what does "It's not a lake...It's an ocean." supposed to reveal? Who was the guy in the spacesuit (I was expecing a full, clear explanation by the end but never got one)? What with the time lapse of Bright Falls, did he rewind time?

    Can someone please just break down the last cutscene for me. o_0
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    In a horror story, the victim keeps asking "Why?", but there cannot be any explanation.The unanswered mystery is the one that stays with us the longest, and it's what we'll remember in the end.

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    Re: Okay...What the hell happened?

    There's a bunch of Alan Wake Ending theories here:

    Please use that thread to talk about the ending.