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  • PC Classic Known Issues

    The purpose of this thread is to collect known issues. Moderators, feel free to add to this post.

    Known issues in v1.00

    - ALT key may stick if you alt-tab back to the game.

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    Re: Known Issues

    I have a patch for DR sitting on my PC, waiting for me to have time to get it tested etc.. I'm posting this to perhaps kick myself a bit, but we're pretty busy (understatement of the year) right now getting Wake out of the door

    Upcoming version 1.1 fixes
    - Workarounds for various potential stability issues.
    - Workaround for a rare border blinking case.
    - Keypresses cleared (better) between states; key hit from one state should no longer affect the next (e.g. skip a menu accidentally).
    - Victory animation should now work.

    As soon as I have a moment I'll try to get this out too.... But no promises yet.