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    Re: Death Rally top scores

    I think i did play the windows version. Thats prob why then.
    I'm gonna do some "testing" on the armor part. Im not certain its not fully upgraded.


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      Re: Death Rally top scores

      Just completed it in 17 races on medium!


      Funny, as a n00b I had a goal of less then 100


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        Re: Death Rally top scores

        I just completed the game in 15 races on the easy setting


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          Re: Death Rally top scores

          Well that's good but download Doomfrost's mod and try it... Its link is just above here in my signature
          Link for downloading DoomFrost's DR mod:

          Death Rally Online Group:


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            Re: Death Rally top scores

            I tried it a few times but I cannot get it to work on the Windows port


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              Re: Death Rally top scores

              Beat this


              all ur top scores can be fake... so they r nothing

              btw... heeman is real ^^
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                Re: Death Rally top scores

                Heeman, Was that with Doomfrost's Mod? Really nice result if it was! Gz!

                If it wasn't; its beaten:


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                  Re: Death Rally top scores

                  Yo does anyone have an upload link to Doomfrosts mod?

                  I'm a bigtime death rally freak and Im itching to play this super mod now that I've seen videos!

                  Hopefully someone can ready a link soon! Thanks!


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                    Re: Death Rally top scores

                    Here is doomfrost mod.



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                      Re: Death Rally top scores

                      What's the point in breaking records by reloading every time u suck out?
                      My record is:
                      17 or 18 races in easy (with 1 reload)
                      49 races in hard (with 2 reloads - my brother did it in 34 races)

                      easy: simple. By only the shrieker then the deliverator, win every race with 0%, trying to kill all
                      hard: by dervish, shrieker then deliverator, try to play as many medium races and as possible and finish 3rd with less than 3% dmg.

                      I don't buy any extra stuff until i get the deliverator. I guess it's time to give it a try.


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                        Re: Death Rally top scores

                        it is possible to win all races of highest dificulty with a vagabond and you dont need to kill all of em but you can if you want
                        as you know. almost every track has some spots where you can push oponents and they get stuck and they do draft in circles all the time
                        i tryed to do that with a vagabond driving in the wrong way and pushing deliverators
                        i take a lot of damage but for that i take every wrench i found
                        after doing that with some luck and skills you got all oponents trapped somewhere (mines helps to do that job too sometimes, nitro + spikes makes a good attack if you wanna kill some or all of em if they are run out of ammo
                        or you can chose to race all laps without any rush picking ammo, repairs and going back to kill em or continue the race
                        either way you win
                        i have done that several times when i started a new game to make big bucks faster but if you practice enough im sure someone could do that 12 times, (you get a new car every race because of the win race cash + 3 kills bonus, you can also get some sponsor extra if you collect enough wrenches while you race with all enemies trapped and in the last lap you go and kill em with you having 100% of hp
                        there you got like 12000$ more or less if i remember
                        with all that money per race it becames easier each time because of the new cars and buying armor upgrades

                        that's a way of cheating without being actually using any kind of trainer or god mode cheat


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                          Re: Death Rally top scores

                          These records are amazing! My record is only 43 in I live to ride (and I reload some times),
                          I will try again with the strategies posted in this topic... :-)

                          And someone here have tried to play death rally with a wheel? It's really difficult.

                          Sorry by my English, I'm Brazilian.


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                            Re: Death Rally top scores

                            just so y'all know, I never saved or reloaded any race while setting my records.
                            They wouldn't mean anything to me if I did. I did, however, restart my career a bunch of times


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                              Re: Death Rally top scores

                              Well hello, I used to play DR veeeery long time ago.. and it really is a incredibly fun game.

                              Found your deathfrost mod.. so I tried beating scores, managed to get 2 lower than Tom

                              If anyone wondering I guess this is about how I did, first race I took easy and destroyed everything, second race I took medium and destroyed everything.

                              Then I bought the Dervish with 1 engine (upgraded to 2 when money), and beat medium tracks with destroying everything.

                              Kept doing medium until I could afford non-upgraded Deliverator with rocket fuel (dont think i managed to beat hard without rocket fuel and non-upgraded engine, at least not with standard load rates )

                              Don't know if its normal but I think I didn't get a single "get the pills or destroy x" message during whole game for some funny reason, so seemed to take forever to get the deliverator.

                              So 25 races it is.. anyone up to beat it?

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                                Re: Death Rally top scores

                                Originally posted by slavomir View Post
                                i've just managed to score 94 races on I Live To Ride difficulty. anyone else wants to share his/her score?
                                well, I would like to share my score board