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Multiplayer connection issues

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  • Multiplayer connection issues

    Is this what happens when you attempt to start a multiplayer race?
    - you select a race (velodrama, refinery, rift, pit, eureka, oasis or duke)
    - your iOS device attempts to connect to a server ("CONNECTING")
    - on response, wait for others ("WAITING FOR PLAYERS")
    - wait for 1 to 7 seconds
    - if others join, start the race ("GET READY!")
    - if no others join, fail ("NO CONNECTION. PLEASE, QUIT AND TRY AGAIN.")

    It seems that it takes at least two player to start a multiplayer race. If no-one else is connecting at the same time you still end up with the somewhat misleading "NO CONNECTION" message even if your connection is fine.

    I'm also guessing that even if there are more than one players trying to start a race there's quite a small chance they would be trying to connect to same race at the same rather short time period. It would be nicer if there was something that would help players get into races outside rush hours.

    PS. Standard auto-machinegun seems to be better than the golden gatling.