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MP3 December 1st 2009?

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  • MP3 December 1st 2009?

    Rockstar’s official site sets “Winter 2009” as the official time-frame when we should see this game, but SonyStyle shop has spilled the beans it seems, as it lists the PS3 version of Max Payne 3 available as of 1st of December this year.

    Furthermore, we’ve been hearing rumors of Max Payne the Movie being crammed into the game package, and although that would be a nice touch, it’s highly unlikely at the given price-point of $59.99.

    You can see the release date for yourself on SonyStyle website and cross-reference it with the official Max Payne 3 website but we’ve taken a screenshot just in case the site takes the “beans” down.

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    Re: MP3 December 1st 2009?

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      Re: MP3 December 1st 2009?

      just posting what came up on google news. lol.

      I'm hoping for any news that mona will be in it.


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        Re: MP3 December 1st 2009?

        Max Payne is coming to town...
        Max Payne is coming tooo tooowwwwwwn.


        Infact, maybe its just an average prediction during Winter.


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          Re: MP3 December 1st 2009?

          Hurm. I hoped it would have been closer to October.
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