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    I have an urgent question to Remedy officials. AFAIK, the word "aesir" is not restricted to use for a business name, at least in branches others than pharmaceutics

    But my question is, are designers allowed to use any wing motive in a logo of such named company? Of course we speak of wing motives different than the very one used in the logo ingame.

    I will be grateful for Your answer.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Aesir & Copyrights...

    Well, first of all, we don't own the Max Payne IP anymore, so if you're asking whether you can use the name or a logo like that, you should contact the current IP owner -- I believe that's still Take-Two.

    Secondly, I'm afraid that this a question that is most likely not going to get answered on a forum -- even if we did still own the IP, I would personally be extremely hesitant to give anything that would constitute legal advice, and a forum is not the right contact point for something like this anyway. If you're a business, you might want to check with your own lawyer first, they'll probably have a better idea of what to do and who to talk to, and how.

    In any case, I'm afraid this is not something we at Remedy can help you with at all.
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