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  • Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

    ThirteenAG over on the GTA Forums made a widescreen fix for Max Payne 2 that wasn't the Flawless Widescreen fix (meaning you can now use the -developer targetline and use the fix on retail versions of the game), but it was pretty broken at the time. Long story short, we helped eachother out and now there is a fairly decent widescreen fix for Max Payne 2.

    Link to Max Payne 1 widescreen fix


    It will work on retail versions with the latest patch (1.01) and Steam versions, just copy all the files into your Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne directory and launch the game with the 'Widescreen HUD' mod.

    It has a similar yet slightly different bug to the Max Payne 1 widescreen fix. It's not game-breaking, but it can be distracting on occasion. There can be a "ghosting effect" on some doors and hallways on the very edge of your screen. Very unlikely it will be fixed, as I believe it's hard-coded into the game itself.


    big picture 1
    big picture 2
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    Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

    Awesome ! I will try that tomorrow ! Thank you.

    And could you post a link to the Max Payne 1 widescreen fix please ?

    Edit: Found it.
    Sorry for my bad english, I'm french. :)


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      Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

      I tried this, but can't get the widescreen to work. The hud mod works, but the game is still stretched. I followed the directions exactly. I'm using the original retail game with 1.01 patch. I'm running it in Win XP, sp2.

      Is there some other dependency I need to install or something? I even tried copying the files from the scripts folder into the main Max Payne 2 folder. I tried running with -developer and without. Nothing seems to work.

      Again, I'm talking about the game, not the hud. The hud mod works and is no longer stretched, but everything else still is.


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        Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

        Download the fix from here and try both the scripts (one is .asi and one is .bak, rename the .bak to .asi to try the other one).
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          Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

          I tried that before I posted here, but I tried it again. I tried both mod versions and both asi files with both mod versions. The game is still always stretched in widescreen.

          I think the problem is with the dll files.

          I looked up Silent's ASI Loader. Here's what it said: In order to install it, you just need to place both DLL files into game directory, overwriting the old files.

          The problem is, I never had a dsound.dll or dsoundhooked.dll file to overwrite. That explains why it doesn't work for me.

          I figure I need to rename those files to some other dll files that the game actually uses, but which ones?

          Here are all the dll file I have in my Max Payne 2 directory (some may be from mods I've installed):

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            Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

            Max Payne 2 doesn't have a dsound.dll by default in the folder. That ASI loader is for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which does have one.

            From what I've learned in the past few months, it seems like the criteria for the MP1 and MP2 widescreen fixes to work is wildly varied and might just depend on your hardware. It's really bizarre. You have dsound.dll, dsoundhooked.dll and the 'scripts' folder in the Max Payne 2 folder and with 'mp2_widescreen_fix.asi' inside the scripts folder?


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              Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

              Exactly what DrDean said, you aren't supposed to replace the dll, just add it there.
              The fix works by changing memory entries on the fly so it have to hook to a memory address, and this seems to change a lot for different users even if everything else is the same, this is why there are two scripts, they cover the most common cases but it seems that here we have one more, at wich point I don't know what you could try to do, maybe DrDean could upload the oldest widescreenfix from ThirteenAG that while very bugged maybe works for you, I'd say that it would be still better than nothing.
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                Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

                I deleted everything, restarted the computer, then reinstalled the original mod (without the modified hud). For some reason, this time it worked. Then I installed the hud mod and that worked too.

                Now I can play in widescreen, YAY!


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                  Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

                  It auto fixed itself, awesome!
                  Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.


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                    Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

                    It was weird. I must have tried it ten times and it wouldn't work until finally it stuck. It's still working. I also got Max Payne to work in widescreen.

                    I like to play games without the hud (I am the hudfreegamer after all) and I've been wanting to play Max Payne and Max Payne 2 without the hud for a long time, but didn't know how to make mods. Your widescreen hud mod gave me a great starting place. I was able to make a hud free mod for both Max Payne and Max Payne 2. They remove everything in game but the weapon selection and sniper zoom overlays, so the game is still playable.

                    I hope you take my modifying your mod as a complement. I couldn't have done it without your work.

                    I'd like to share them with those interested. Is there a specific file hosting service you recommend? I'd like something reliable and free. Since I used your widescreen hud mod as the basis for mine, how would you like me to credit you?


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                      Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

                      I should probably clarify that I'd prefer a hosting site that doesn't require I download and install any programs like Wuala does (where you hosted your file). I'm ok with registering though.


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                        Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

                        Wuala shouldn't do that, that's odd. Although it's a good idea to have a mirror, thanks for reminding me. Here's a mirror if you still need one. Great to hear you managed to magically get it working though, and that mod sounds really hardcore. I can't imagine how I would make it through without knowing how much health I have left, that's intense.

                        And no need to credit me, I didn't do much. You could have found out what files to edit yourself if you looked around a bit.

                        I wish I knew what was causing the very random counts of the mod working or not working, though.


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                          Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

                          While I don't know how much health I have using the hud free mod, I just pop a couple painkillers between firefights and that seems to work.

                          If you'd like to try playing Max Payne, Max Payne 2, or a variety of other games without a hud, you can take a look at a wiki I started. I call it the Hud Free Gaming Wiki:


                          FYI: I tried to reproduce the load failure of the widescreen mod, but I couldn't. Before it wouldn't work and now it won't not work.

                          Here's a screenshot of Max Payne 2 without the hud.


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                            Re: Max Payne 2 Widescreen Fix

                            It's nice to have old games in widescreen and this game survived but what about others that sucks BTW thanks for sharing with us