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Is this really a game and who's to blame.

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  • Is this really a game and who's to blame.

    Hey there everyone, I'm currently writing this on a mobile phone so please excuse me for any formatting errors and the like.

    First of all I must say that a lot of gamers here in Sweden have probably been pretty proud of our "indie"-developer to the east which gave us excellent games like Max Payne and not to mention Max Payne 2 so when I decided to once again postpone the latest XCOM installment to instead opt for Remedy's latest release " Quantum Break" I started to question my judgement as the game downloaded.

    After watching a YouTube-video with some annoying guy and two developers from Remedy (one involved in marketing/PR I believe) playing a small portion of the game (would estimate around 7-9% of the actual game), let's just say that one did not have to watch very long before realizing that this was indeed a waste of my money.

    I can't help but wonder how do the developers at Remedy really feel about the "finished" product, with regards to that video I can't remember the last time I've seen developers volunteer that much information in the sense that they were constantly making excuses, explaining that an idea can change a lot from pitch to release, focusing on pretty much anything but gameplay which is very odd indeed since gameplay is the one major deciding factor if a game is good or not but then again Remedy refers to this "game" as the show in loading screens which in my opinion is a much better way to describe this product.

    I do appreciate when studios try to do something new and innovative but I will not give a game a 10/10 just for trying to do something different (and failing miserably) if it means barely getting any gametime and the one we recieve is subpar to say the least in regards to AI (don't even get me started), bugs (unlimited bullet time, unlimited time focus, enemies respawning behind you after death, various graphics/animationbugs, ragdoll corridor and so on), actual game content (remove all the fluff, videos, string-a-longs, retracing and if you think about there is not much left in regards to game content when you bring it down to pure mechanics) seriously this is just an extremely high budget TV show where delivery unfortunately is low budget to say the least unfortunately since that black guy is normally a pretty good actor.
    Let's just say that if you have ever seen the show "Continuum" you will probably feel a slight deja vu when watching this game in terms of style, not infurring that it is in any way a ripoff.

    Nice to see someone try something new and really deciding to stick by it to the end (why? I'd prefer a new Duke Nukem Forever that doesn't surface), the ideas are live action cutscenes, yes the very same type that got ridiculed on PS1, a few left or right crossroad-type choices that doesn't really impact the game (you can easily see which parts and dialogues would change depending on choice while going through the show), a few powers that all in all is a bit refreshing but comes up short due to lack of ideas and implementation and ends up a lot less satisfying than Max Paynes bullet time actually the fighting part itself is tedious, unresponsive and lack any sense of difficulty (I have only tried hard but you pretty much steamroll from start to finish taking buggy time powers to account).

    I really hope that Microsoft had Remedy on a very short leash while developing this product which seems like a remnant from when Microsoft wanted the XBONE to be an every need multimediabox well pretty much everything but a game console.

    Although I can't help but to question Remedy's judgement after this steaming pile of....

    So who should we blame for this blatant disrespect to all gamers this time?

    Take note that I do not ask those of you who pre-ordered, there is no need to pre-order games in this day of age since they can't run out of stock which was a viable concern once upon a time, you yourselves are a big part of the problem with the gaming industry as of late.

    Long post made short: If you prefer a book and a movie over a game and gladly would pay €70 for a Syfy-channel quality miniseries then by all means go ahead but please do not go around fanboying it without any sort of objective critiscism, you can polish your Volvo all day long but by the end of the day it still won't be a Turtle.

    As I was stupid enough to buy this on the Xbox Live Store is there any way to get a refund, sell it or give it away or am I shit out of luck for being lazy for once.
    If someone has a tip then what the heck you can have it, would prefer giving it away than someone else wasting his/hers money.

    Don't get me wrong the visuals are at moments inspiring, the lighting is stunning, the incorporation of live action shows on TVs in-game now THAT is impressive, but overall it's just bland and mediocre at best and the story was at times very predictable and not very good or compelling (in regards to the story I got drawn in on the hypetrain hoping that the story and it's implementation would account for the lacking gameplay so I might have had high hopes in this regard which might influence why I thought it was so bad as I thought) and most of all the pricing is way off.

    For a product of this caliber I might have been fine with paying up to €15/$15 without being to angry but this is just borderline fraud selling an unfinished, rushed product for €70 (I acknowledge that Microsoft also is to blame but I expected more from Remedy not from Microsoft) that is just an embarresment for the entire Scandinavia.

    Best Regards,
    Angry Swede

    P.S. Not ideal to try and convey my thoughts on this on a mobile phone so I apologise if it may be a little hard to read.

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    Blame is 50% MS for UWP being a fiasco, and 50% remedy for QB being a technical disaster zone and being an utterly pathetic rush-job of a port at launch.

    Plenty to go around. Both parties have treated the pc user base very poorly in this situation.


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      Pretty much my sentiment but I'm surprised to hear that the PC port was a poor job as well seeing that Remedy has it's roots as a PC developer.

      Actually regretted not playing on PC for that reason alone.

      In light of this I suspect that a PC version was never intended and Microsoft pushed for a PC port to UWP, it doesn't mean that it is in any way tolerable but it might be an explanation.

      With MS history regarding gaming in particular (anyone remember GFWL for example) I'm not surprised.


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        im not going to pretend i drew up the contract, but this game was an xbox one exclusive...that means MSFT has rights to it. i dont think its fair to fault remedy for the rush job. their hands are extremely tied here. not only a late decision to port, but forcing dx12 + UWP. thats gotta make for some seriously painful development conditions.


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          Sure I can relate to that but the thing is that I played it on xbox and from what I experienced (to be honest I haven't completed the game yet, I'm at the beginning of the very last part but couldn't bare to keep playing, might finish the ordeal later today if I can find the time) it's just a broken game.

          Sure it looks nice from time to time but it looks bad most of the time and you can't help but noticing all the flaws as you unwillingly focus on them but the main problem is that it's just not fun.

          The platforming feels clunky due to the movement system and you'll encounter quite a few bugs that I can't understand how it got through Q&A.

          I won't even go into the few combat scenes you will encounter but rest assured you have a bigger chance of dying thanks to bugs than from enemies in the surprisingly little combat you will have to endure.

          For example at the bridge platforming part where you are underneath the bridge, on the last jump you don't even have to care about jumping just run of the side and press A (jump) when you start falling and you are instantly teleported to the cutscene.

          A lot of times I found myself thinking that I'd rather play out what happens in the cutscenes than the actual game itself, running around pressing X everywhere to get more items to read isn't as fun as it sounds oh wait it doesn't sound fun.

          I'm not saying anything about the early videos not really representing what was delivered seeing that those are always subject to change, we are not talking another Oblivion coup with scripted gameplay in a E3 gameplay trailer but nevertheless I can't help but feeling cheated not only on my money but also my time which is a very rare occurence and never thought Remedy would make me feel like a fool.


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            Dear Swedish gamer,
            I agree with your sentiment 100% and I am rather bitter from my experience playing the "game". Why make a game where the gaming element is implemented in a manner that feels forced. Its almost like the gaming portion of the "game" was like

            "Guys, we have to make the player interact. I know that its stupid to have to break up the story for the gameplay but some people actually find gaming fun so we have to toss them a bone or two."

            Its sad when I enjoy the FMV sequences more than the actual game itself. The graphics are great and the effects are equally great. However, these elements cannot compensate for the mediocre gameplay that was shoehorned into a few locations of this interactive episodic TV show. Its feels like there is a cutscene for everything. Climbing into a window-> cutscene. Squeezing between a door -> cutscene. Walking into a room - > cutscene. God forbid we actually play the game. I am greatly disappointed by this implementation of a game. And this does not include the bugs and glitches why playing the game. I have died several times in the game of because story constraining mechanics and unrealistic gameplay. Once I walked into the time corridor and died shortly after I made my way 15 feet. There was no logical or gameplay indicator that this was inaccessible or dangerous. The only thing I can deduce is that the story doesn't want me to be there at that particular time.

            The future of gaming maybe compromised by this direction because gamers can potentially enjoy what these studios have to offer without spending a dime and can simply rely on watching someone else "play" the game because the main attraction is not the gameplay but the exposition of graphics and storytelling.


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              geniusprime: And right you are, it feels somewhat like the developers were making a CGI-movie but realized that they would make more money by adding some interactivity by making gamers go around reading everything they can find and add a couple of dimwitted AI enemies that is less likely to kill you than all the bugs are.

              A big problem is in my view the gaming community itself, mainly pointing the finger at casuals and paid or simply dumb reviewers.

              Because of these elements people tend to take offense if you critizise a game that gets positive reviews which shouldn't have happened in the first place but thanks to people not knowing better who takes a look at it and says "ooh... Shiny, pretty must be good" but graphics does not automatically constituates a good game, gameplay does and graphics are just a plus.

              Unfortunately this game is beyond all critiscism when it boils down to gameplay seeing that it's first of all non-existent and that which in fact is there is not in any way good, is buggy beyond repair, repetetive and is most of all just a buggy linear (I'm aware that it is a story driven linear game but seriously there has to be a line some where) walk from A to B to activate the next cutscenes where you will see stuff you would rather do provided the gameplay weren't so flawed, easy and boring to begin with.

              Unfortunately stupid people are the loud majority so this game might prove to be a hit and if that were to happen I will start getting seriously concerned about the future of gaming, not that I wasn't before but this is an evolution that is deeply disturbing to say the least.

              I would just like to finish this post with a tip and recommendation to all hardcore, competitive and smart gamers who like me made the mistake of looking forward to this "game" and also buying it please take your receipt and return it to the store you bought it from, voting with your wallet is the only thing you can do to stop things like this from surfacing or at least show that you do not tolerate being treated like this, being sold an unfinished product which barely qualifies as a game.

              If you are not satisfied and think that you did not recieve your moneys worth then show that, get your money back!

              If you like me bought the game on the Xbox One Games Store then call your local Microsoft Support and explain to them that you want a refund, you only get 1 refund per Xbox Live account and I used mine after 11years to get a refund for Quantum Break because I felt cheated paying this much and recieving whatever that shiny thing was and using my one and only refund after 11years on this game I think språk volumes about what I feel in regards to this product.

              Best regards,
              Angry Swede