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My Third independent book has been released.

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  • My Third independent book has been released.

    Hi there. I am an independent author and my third paperback is trickling onto the internets. The name of the work is called A Breath Before Sunrise, which sells for $12.95 paperback and $3.99 for Ereader. The Ereader hasn't made it's way to the vendors yet but if your interested look for it soon. You can find my books here or places like Barnes and Noble

    The book is a horror novella and centers around the characters Bear, Bird and Fox. I hope you check it out. I worked very hard on my stories. Thanks for reading.

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    Re: My Third independent book has been released.

    And this relates to Alan Wake, how?

    I know you put this in the general discussion off-topic area.... but still... I'm inclined to not bother to look unless you could explain why you'd come to this discussion forum and post about selling your book?

    Is it perhaps set in the same scenery as Alan Wake?

    Also please could you post up the blurb or equivalent as you haven't described the book at all and I'm inclined to think it is just about a bear, a bird and a fox prancing around in the woods....

    Edit: for anyone interested here you go:

    Bear is a Collector tasked with bringing back Observers from the surface of a war-ravaged world. A mysterious enemy destroyed the planet and humanity had no choice but to burrow into the safety provided by the vast underground of the Earth. After spending a year on the surface and discovering a life humanity lived before the war, Bear begins to think for himself and develops and understanding of free will. Feeling a disgust for the patriarchal world of the underground Bear becomes defiant and decides to remain on the surface. The Elders send up two close friends of Bear to bring him back. Caught up in in a battle between light and darkness, the trio learns that our adult life mirrors our memories.
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      Re: My Third independent book has been released.

      Looks like the Ereader is starting to trickle onto sights around the net. Booksonboard has it listed for $3.59. It's also on Scribd and Kobo. If your looking for it on kindle that hasn't been released yet but eventually it will.

      Here is Scribd A Breath Before Sunrise retails for $3.99 at Scribd.
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        Re: My Third independent book has been released.

        Great work man.
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          Re: My Third independent book has been released.

          Awesome cover.
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            Re: My Third independent book has been released.

            Thanks. I like this cover the best out of my three books.

            Here is a quote from the editor that worked on the piece, "As an avid reader of both horror and sci-fi, I enjoyed working on this project. Post-apocalyptic worlds are always interesting, but you’ve also managed to breathe some new life into the genre. The imagery was creepy and surreal but also followed a twisted logic that was easy to picture. The characters’ interactions were complex and multi-dimensional, and the world you built around them felt eerily real."

            This is probably my best work as far as story and complexity of the narrative.

            My best work speaking in a grammatical sense and typo free work is The Tequila Diaires:Organ Donor

            My first book ended up being the most cryptic since it wasn't edited and has some grammatical errors.
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