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  • Killside™

    Hi guys ! I have some questions ti you...
    Almost 1 year i write scenery of the game with title Killside™. Game in Max Payne™ atmosphere wih 3-rd view.
    I need help for do it. I have not helpers, i work alone. Make be me and REMEDY can do greatest gameof the time ? Write to me, on my Russiam e mail:
    Il be waiting. Great thanks !

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    Re: Killside™

    I'm not quite sure I understand. If I'm right you are making a mod for Max Payne 2 called Killside and you need team members?

    And you were wondering if Remedy could help make the mod with you?

    Well if I'm right then the best thing for you to do is look for team members at the official Max Payne 2 forum at or just go to and post there.

    As for Remedy help making the mod with you, I can definitely say that won't be a possibility since they are hard at work on Alan Wake. I'm sure there will be lots of people to help you out at the above links if you need though.