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    Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you all to an amazing game. I'm not sure if many of you remember it, but 7 years ago a game called Stick RPG was released. You can play it here. It was an amazingly fun mini-RPG, letting you become one of the best lawyers in town, buy a penthouse, beat up the random guy at the bar, buy a Ferrari, and even invest in the stock market. Around a year later, they announced work on a sequel and showed a combat engine preview.

    Suddenly, the blog updates became less and less frequent. Getting one once a year was pure luck. Then it just shut down. No news, nothing. Then in 2008, a new website popped up, showing a teaser image of a Stick RPG-style ID card, announcing more info in 2009.

    Yet again, nothing happened. And finally, after 7 years, the sequel is out. Basically it's the same core game as the original, but everything has been expanded MASSIVELY. There are around 10 different jobs you can do, 4 different casinos rather than 1, a new real-time combat that replaced the turn-based combat of the last game, the list goes on and on. Check it out here and prepared to get addicted for hours and hours.

    Are there any other Flash games that anybody else feels like sharing?
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    Re: Flash games/Stick RPG


    I'm on mine flash game as a demo battle system. I'll do it someday later on, because we just learned how to create games with Flash Professional CS3.
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