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  • Please vote for our mod!


    "Recall to Hell" is a Doom3 total conversion on which our team "GRIDLOCK" is working for a long time now. It's supposed to be a Single player campaign.

    Presentation site:

    Recently we released an exclusive media update for the ModDB MOTY awards. Here's what our teamlead had to say:-

    Originally posted by legion_x at the Recall to Hell website annually nominates the best modifications. If you like our presentation and, of course, our mod itself, vote for Recall to Hell with a single click here. Thank you!

    We have once more collected all the facts and features around Recall to Hell and put them in a nutshell on a presentation-site. Together with the impressive images of our gallery, you can use this to once again fully inform yourself about our mod, its story, enemies, weapons, other features and our motives: Presentation-Site
    Something is stirring between our brushes. During the last 2 months the team has gotten 4 eerie creatures and 3 corresponding weapons into the mod, complete with texture, animations and code. So this time we can gladly give you an account of our in-game experiences:

    ...... contd. ......
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    Please vote for our mod!

    ...... contd. ......

    Legion_x: „In addition to some well known weapons Recall to Hell will also feature a large number of unusual but effective mining tools. I find the Riveter particularly impressive in the game. It fires small but extremely hard steel-rivets. I carefully move through the tunnels accompanied by a buzzing sound. I can literally nail smaller enemies directly to the next wall with it. Bigger adversaries are painfully covered by a steel-rain, which is cynically complemented by the dull weapon sounds.”

    Elusive: „It’s quite a fascinating experience to see the creatures which were created in time-consuming work come to life and to be able to face them with a loaded weapon. Especially the dark beast is one of the nastiest creatures in my opinion, because it has the ability to extinguish all electrical light in the vicinity, leaving me in ghastly darkness. Now I have to rely on my hearing, since it is essential to locate and destroy the monster. The only chance lies with the relative slowness of the creature, which leaves me with the necessary time to find out in which of the countless dark corners of the Rth-Universe it might be hiding and from which direction it might attack… And even in the moment of maximal concentration I have to watch out, in order not to be struck by one of the scorching electric attacks the Darkbeast is able to send out. Because the unexpected shock I will feel, which will make me flinch in my chair, is but the faintest of the consequences of such a devastating attack…”

    Legion_x: „We are currently making very good progress and are working quick and efficient in the most fields by now. Previously we often had some minor problems with the Doom³Engine and its peculiarities, which have cost us a lot of time, nerves and even some motivated members. However, by now a much smaller but therefore better harmonized and more reliable core-team has formed out of the initially almost unmanageable 35 modders. Of course that shouldn’t obscure the fact that we are still in need of some talented and motivated people, especially in the fields of mapping and coding, in order to keep the workflow as satisfactory.”

    For more information visit our modsite!
    So if you like the so-far progress of the mod and are feeling kind, please vote for us.

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