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    Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

    I'll need to work out some kind of a reasonable system here -- I can't report on every damn mission, or this'll take forever. I guess I should just do highlights, or do this in digest format, or something.

    Still, I'm having tons of fun! What a fantastic game. An absolute pleasure to play.
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      Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

      Originally posted by MikkiRMD View Post
      Rookie Jaden: No kills. Killed in action.

      Wait a second...

      Originally posted by MikkiRMD View Post
      I should've been able to take them without too much trouble, but I got greedy. Jaden paid the price.

      Originally posted by MikkiRMD View Post
      [SIZE="4"]I should've [/SIZE]been able to take them without too much trouble

      Originally posted by MikkiRMD View Post
      [SIZE="6"]I should've[/SIZE] been able to





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        Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

        I think I will always carry a piece of Jaden with me, after what happened...I think I will keep it in my pocket.

        It's awesome, what you are doing. I love it!

        Love the game too. Things started to go south very fast for me, after a couple of hours of play. Like old times, the game is gonna kick my ass over and over again.
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          Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

          Damn it, all of these missions feel too significant for me to ignore. I'm hoping it'll level off a little once I get past all of these firsts, or this'll become a horrible time sink for me. =)


          Mission location: UFO Crash Site, Germany
          Mission name: OPERATION SWIFT PARAMOUR

          Squad members: Morry, Rob Tinkezione, Pickman, Kitt

          As you can see, I didn't have to resort to using Kalle after all, because Kitt managed to heal up before the next mission came up. Yay!

          So, I shot down a UFO.

          Bastard thing violated my airspace, I sent my guy out to slap it down like a fly. Right now, there's one fine fighter jockey in my officers' lounge, drinking for free tonight and for the rest of his goddamn life for being the first human to shoot down an actual alien spaceship. He could be killed tomorrow, for all anybody knows; the least we can do is make sure he's good and drunk when he's not on duty. The nations of the Earth can afford it. Hell, I'll let him retire right now if he wants to.

          The UFO came down on the border of Germany, and it came down hot and hard. It plowed a ravine half a mile long, and set fire to everything that would burn. The place looked like God'd eaten a triple helping of five-alarm chili and rained down fire and brimstone. That rustic old German countryside hasn't looked this bad since WW2.

          And the UFO, that real goddamn actual flying saucer? Still mostly in one piece. They build those things to last, I'll give them that much.

          My guys went in to secure the site.


          Morry: Good to have you back, Kitt.

          Kitt: Wish I could say the same.

          Tinkezione: Don't worry, nothing's gonna survive a crash like that.

          Morry: I dunno, they say it's still intact.

          Tinkezione: No way. This thing's gonna be a cakewalk.

          Kitt: The last time we had a cakewalk, I ended up with half my internal organs cooked to medium rare and the other half hanging outside my body, so forgive me if I'm a little skeptical.

          Tinkezione: Pfft. Quit your bitching. You're still in one piece, ain't you?

          Kitt: Unlike Jaden.


          Morry: Aw, c'mon.

          Tinkezione: No, man, she's right. That was a bad scene. Headcase over there hasn't been the same since.

          Kitt: How you doing, Pickman?

          Pickman: [mumbles]

          Kitt: They got you lugging a shotgun now, huh?

          Pickman: It's my key. I open things with it. [pause] I look inside things now.

          Morry: Nothing wrong with him that regular medication, a couple of decades of therapy, and an ice pick lobotomy couldn't cure.

          Kitt: good to be back.

          [TRANSCRIPT ENDS.]

          So, they went in. Sectoids tried to give my squad trouble, but they didn't stand a chance. We wiped the floor with them. Kitt finally got a kill, and Pickman blasted a Sectoid in half at close range. That shotgun's serious business when he hits.

          I was glad to find that the Sectoids weren't really a problem for me this time around. The only one who gave me any trouble was the one who was too scared to peek out from behind cover, and when he finally did, the second-to-last thing to go through his head was regret... followed an instant later by a bullet.

          I saw something new, though -- an Alien Shock Trooper, who almost managed to kill Morry. Morry was in cover, and a good distance away from the enemy, but the Shock Trooper still got him badly enough to almost kill him.

          But almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and in the end, Morry got a bead on him with his sniper rifle and put a hole in him bigger than any you can find in the plot of Prometheus, which, for the record, is goddamn big.

          That settled him right down.

          Almost a perfect mission -- I took down all the aliens, I got a buttload of new alien stuff to research, and nobody got killed. Morry's wounded, but he'll recover.

          Here's where I stand right now:

          Corporal Rob Tinkezione (Heavy): 6 kills (+1 since last count).
          Squaddie Morry (Sniper): 4 kills (+2 since last count). Wounded; estimated 15 days until recovery.
          Squaddie Pickman (Assault): 2 kills (+1 since last count).
          Squaddie Kitt: 1 kill. Assigned into Support.

          Rookie Jaden: No kills. Killed in action.

          With Morry out, I think Kalle's probably going to have to step up for the next mission, unless things stay real quiet for almost two weeks of game time. That's pretty unlikely, but we'll see.
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            Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

            I'm loving these updates! The suspense is immense. I hope each time that my forum buddies and I will make it through the mission. Great work on the dialogue, too.

            PS. For the record, it wasn't me. I don't go around pooping pants.
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              Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

              This one is short and sweet.


              Mission location: Acapulco, Mexico
              Mission name: OPERATION FROZEN STAR

              Squad members: Rob Tinkezione, Pickman, Kitt, Kalle Kaivola

              Aliens were trying to abduct people in Acapulco. It didn't sit too well with us. What with Morry still laid up, we had to settle for Kalle, who now made his debut with the squad. It was... unexpected.


              Tinkezione: New guy, huh? What's your name?


              Kitt: Hey, buddy? You with us?


              Kitt: Can he hear us in that helmet?

              Tinkezione: Hello?


              Tinkezione: Oh, fantastic. I can see this guy's gonna be so useful. Is he even awake in there?

              Kitt: Just leave him alone.

              Tinkezione: Hell, no, I gotta get his name, at least. [there's a metallic clanging sound] WHAT'S YOUR NAME?

              Kitt: You shouldn't--

              [the metallic clanging sound gets louder]

              Tinkezione: Hey, you wanna wake up and kill some aliens with us, motherf--

              [a sudden rustle]

              Tinkezione: [a pained grunt]

              Kalle Kaivola: Piggies.

              Tinkezione: [choked voice] What the hell! Get off me, man!

              Kalle Kaivola: [breathes heavily] Piggies. Not aliens. We kill piggies.

              Kitt: Let him go!

              Kalle Kaivola: Piggies make me mad! WE KILL PIGGIES!

              Kitt: Okay, we got it, already! Let him go!

              Tinkezione: [very choked voice] Okay, fine! Piggies. Piggies!

              [there's a thump, as if something heavy was being dropped]

              Tinkezione: [pants] Holy... holy shit. This guy's just too goddamn angry.

              Kitt: You okay?

              Tinkezione: [coughs] He's a psycho. Total Section 8 material.

              Pickman: [sudden, hysterical laughter]

              Tinkezione: Shut up.

              [TRANSCRIPT ENDS.]

              So, yeah. Kalle Kaivola and his magnificent anger management issues joined me on this mission, and despite being a rookie, he took down three of the four aliens, and pretty much in record time. I totally didn't expect that. Dude was just a complete death machine.

              He may be delusional and in the throes of some kind of a weird psychosis, but when it comes to killing aliens, he's pretty much got it down to an art.

              A kind of an amazing round, really. Bang, bang, bang, bang, everybody's dead.

              And here's the stats:

              Corporal Rob Tinkezione (Heavy): 6 kills.
              Squaddie Morry (Sniper): 4 kills. Wounded; estimated 7 days until recovery.
              Squaddie Pickman (Assault): 2 kills.
              Squaddie Kitt (Support): 2 kills (+1 since last count).
              Rookie Kalle Kaivola: 3 kills. Assigned into Assault.

              Rookie Jaden: No kills. Killed in action.
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                Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                Wow, go Kalle!

                Mikki, when you get around to fighting Chrysalids and I end up getting impregnated...
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                  Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                  You should definitely be expanding your active squad to 5 members, and to keep them all healthy, and a good mix of classes you will probably need 8-10 guys, so more characters for this story needed. You can leave me out tho as if that was your Kalle depiction I am not sure it will do our working relationship much good to have me included

                  Looking forward for the first alien capture story.


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                    Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                    Sure, Markus, but you should bear in mind that these are literally the first four missions of the game I have done. I can't expand the squad at all until somebody becomes a sergeant, and the promotions just aren't coming that quickly for me -- I'm not exactly progressing at the same rate as somebody else who has put in a comparable number of hours, because the write-ups take time.

                    I may have dug quite a hole for myself here.

                    As for my depiction of you, that would be... quite different! I have some ideas about that, but of course I'm not putting in anybody who doesn't apply for it. =)
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                      Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                      Okay, so, new recruits! After the mission I just played (which I won't report on, since nothing terribly dramatic happened and I can't keep writing about every single mission I do), both Rob Tinkezione and Kalle Kaivola are in the hospital. Nobody got killed, but what with Morry also out of the action, I'm now down to two fully functional squad members, and that means I have to dip into the pool of raw recruits for the first time.

                      Here are the ones I've chosen:

                      Yogi "Ted" Bear

                      He's our own yogibbear on the forum, of course, and his rationale for why he should be added on the squad was simply "BECAUSE I'M ADDING YOU!"

                      That's fair enough, son, you're in.


                      Zhinarkos is one of our forum regulars as well, of course, but that's not the reason I chose him -- it's because he sent the link to this absolutely fascinating TED Talk by Barry Schwartz, who discusses why too much freedom of choice can actually be a bad thing.

                      He's articulating a lot of thoughts I've had on the subject, and that has direct parallels to game design. Sometimes you get that option paralysis; in Skyrim, for example (which, to be clear, is a great game, and I love it), I often find myself avoiding the main quests, or any quests in general not just because exploring the world instead of doing quests is fun, but also because choosing which one to do next seems too complicated. I need to make a conscious decision about it, and that means that it's just easier to go down the path of least resistance and just end up running around the world picking flowers and fighting random monsters. (I can do quests, obviously, it's just that I encounter this resistance in myself that I need to put some willpower into if I want to overcome it.)

                      Watch this, and think about what you're really hearing the next time you hear people complaining about video games, for instance.

                      Very interesting stuff!

                      So, Yogi "Ted" Bear and Zhinarkos, my latest recruits. Welcome on board!
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                        Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                        I was just told that you couldn't see the images on the posts. Sorry about that, apparently you had to be logged in to my Dropbox account to see them, and of course that was no good. They should be visible now -- I had no idea that people couldn't see Jaden getting killed, or Kalle's bright red Angry Birds armor, or Pickman's completely sane hairstyle, and so forth. =) Sorry about that, but we should be good to go now!
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                          Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                          What a thrilling narrative this is! And too bad I got downed in the first mission; I have this habit of dropping my intestines everywhere when I get nervous.

                          RIP Jaden. You will be missed/can I have your stuff
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                            Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                            Originally posted by Kitt View Post
                            What a thrilling narrative this is! And too bad I got downed in the first mission; I have this habit of dropping my intestines everywhere when I get nervous.

                            Originally posted by Kitt View Post
                            RIP Jaden. You will be missed/can I have your stuff
                            XD You might be a little late, I think Pickman has already claimed it as his own and began storing it in his pockets....So technically I'm not dead-dead, I'm there in spirit...Until he dies.
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                              Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                              The month finally turned, and I got my first funding from the Council. I'm not doing too great on that -- I don't have anywhere near the satellite coverage I need yet, so the money I have coming in isn't a lot. Still, it'll help; I started work on the alien containment facility so I can start trying to bring these scumbags in alive.

                              Anyway, before I could finish the containment facility, the board lit up like a Christmas tree and wouldn't you know it, it was Abduction Day all over the world again, and of course it's up to me to deal with it.

                              So, two new guys on this mission. (Morry actually finished his recovery and became just available before this mission, but I chose to go with Yogi and Zhinarkos anyway). Also, I could have upgraded my squad size to five now, but I, uh, kinda forgot, because I am a the most competent military genius in the history of mankind. I've got that taken care of now, but that didn't help on this mission.)

                              Here we go:

                              FROM THE X-COM COMMANDER'S DESK: AFTER ACTION REPORT #5

                              Mission location: Rosario, Argentina
                              Mission name: OPERATION DYING CHANT

                              Squad members: Pickman, Kitt, Yogi "Ted" Bear, Zhinarkos

                              (In the picture above, that's Zhinarkos on the left and Yogi on the right. It's also worth noting that Yogi starts out as a Support sergeant, because I got one as a reward from a previous mission. That's good news; otherwise half of my squad would consist of completely raw recruits.)


                              Kitt: Great to have you on board, Sergeant. We've got half the squad laid up right now.

                              Yogi Bear: Call me Ted.

                              Kitt: Okay, Ted. I'm Kitt. This is Pickman.


                              Yogi Bear: Does he ever blink?

                              Kitt: He's a little high-strung.

                              Yogi Bear: Well, glad to meet the both of you. Who's the quiet guy?

                              Kitt: Oh, I thought he was with you.

                              Yogi Bear: Hey.

                              Zhinarkos: Oh, sorry. I'm Zhinarkos.

                              Kitt: You okay? You seem a little preoccupied.

                              Zhinarkos: Yeah, just... just thinking about my wife and kids. [pause] She, uh... she just gave birth last week. You wanna see a picture? [pause] Twins. All I want to do is get back to them, you know? That's something to fight for.

                              Yogi Bear: That's a good-looking family, son.

                              Zhinarkos: Sometimes I think the world's not going to survive this. But then I think about them. I mean, I gotta come back for them, right? Who's gonna take care of them if I don't? They keep me going.

                              Pickman: Coffee keeps me going.

                              Kitt: He, uh... He just eats it out of the can sometimes.

                              Pickman: It makes my teeth brown! [laughs]

                              Zhinarkos: Um.

                              Yogi Bear: You're in good hands, son. Just keep your head down.

                              [TRANSCRIPT ENDS.]

                              Rosario, Argentina. Not the finest place in the world, as far as my track record is concerned. It's where we lost the first of us. Jaden Morretti went to Rosario, and she never came back.

                              Another damn construction site, too. Pickman was visibly nervous. The squad started advancing. This time, they were careful. Nobody wanted a replay of what happened before. Yogi Bear and Zhinarkos seemed to pick up on the vibe. Nobody said anything; it was all hand signals and tension.

                              They only got barely inside the site's perimeter when Sectoids started crawling out of the woodwork. A pair of them. Then another pair. They skittered around, but hadn't spotted us yet.

                              The squad opened fire. A Sectoid burst apart, dark-green slime spattering the sand. Another one got hit bad, but didn't go down. One of them started doing that weird telepathy shit, a nimbus of purple energy swirling in the air and enveloping the injured one. Healing him, maybe?

                              They didn't know what it was; they didn't care. Kitt took aim on the one wielding the power, squeezed off a couple of rounds.

                              The alien's head popped like a balloon. The one being healed twitched and fell down like a wet bag of flour.

                              The mood shifted. The squad was mowing through them without even breaking a sweat. These bastards were going to pay tonight. They were going to regret ever coming to Rosario in the first place.

                              Zhinarkos advanced towards the enemy, staying in cover. He took aim, downed the fourth -- and last -- Sectoid. It was a beautiful shot, a textbook maneuver. He looked back to the others and whooped.

                              Then something moved on his flank, behind the cargo container. It was big. It didn't touch the ground. And it wasn't alone.

                              Nobody had ever seen a Floater before; half biological, half flying machine, they looked like something from a nightmare. Everybody'd thought the flank was clear. There had been no movement there earlier. The Floaters had stayed put, let them advance, sacrificing the Sectoids just so they could lure the humans out.

                              Nobody had ever seen a Floater before. It was the last thing Zhinarkos saw.

                              [TRANSCRIPT FROM TACTICAL COMMS]

                              Zhinarkos: [scream cut short by static]

                              Pickman: No no no no--

                              Kitt: Oh, shit.

                              Yogi Bear: Right flank, right flank!

                              Kitt: I see them!

                              Yogi Bear: What the hell are those things?

                              Kitt: You wanna know what they are? Dead.

                              Pickman: Jaden!

                              [TRANSCRIPT ENDS.]

                              From that point on, it all went to shit. Kitt managed to wound one of the Floaters, but not take it out. Yogi Bear kept firing, but couldn't hit them. It went from bad to worse; Yogi had to duck down, bolts of green fire raining around him. By some miracle, he wasn't hit, but his gun was empty and he couldn't move at all without risking taking damage. He finally managed to crawl to safety -- almost getting hit in the process -- and started reloading.

                              That was when Pickman snapped. Moving faster than the others could have, he dashed across the battlefield, right up to the Floater. He jammed the barrel of his shotgun hard under the Floater's chin, looked death in the eye, and laughed.

                              [TRANSCRIPT FROM TACTICAL COMMS]

                              Pickman: Jaden.

                              [shotgun blast]

                              [TRANSCRIPT ENDS.]

                              The Floater was nearly ripped in two by the force of the blast. The anti-gravity unit failed. What was left of the monster hit the ground in a shower of sparks.

                              The other Floater spun around in mid-air, saw Pickman standing over the torn-apart corpse of its companion, and shot Pickman in the chest.

                              The new, advanced armor Pickman was wearing held. The heat from the plasma left his chest a ruined wreck that would take a while to heal, but the explosion didn't penetrate.

                              Pickman stumbled back. It was too much for him. Something in his brain gave way, and he ran, panic taking hold. He ran blindly, stumbling and gibbering as he went.

                              The final Floater stared after Pickman. Kitt saw the opening, put four rounds in its side. It howled and jerked in the air, then tilted, and finally crashed to the ground.

                              It was over.

                              Kitt and Yogi Bear stood over the mangled corpse of Zhinarkos. They smelled the man burning, boiling away inside the armor, the plasma bolt's residual heat absorbed by it. The edges of the hole in the protective plates still glowed red-hot.

                              Bear knelt down, took something from the dead man's pocket, stared at it. He handed it to Kitt.

                              Kitt looked at the photograph, its edges singed by plasma so that the wife's head was no longer visible. The newborn twins had their eyes closed, and their heads lolled at weird angles, both babies fast asleep and oblivious to the world.

                              She looked at Bear, shook her head. She opened her hand and let the photograph fall. It landed on the hot armor, curled, burst to flames.

                              She walked away.


                              Sergeant Rob Tinkezione (Heavy): 8 kills. (+2 since last count. Wounded; estimated 3 days until recovery)
                              Sergeant Kitt (Support): 7 kills (+5 since last count)
                              Sergeant Yogi "Ted" Bear (Support): 1 kill.
                              Corporal Morry (Sniper): 4 kills.
                              Corporal Pickman (Assault): 4 kills. (+2 since last count. Wounded; estimated 5 days until recovery)
                              Corporal Kalle Kaivola (Assault): 4 kills. (+1 since last count)

                              Rookie Jaden: No kills. Killed in action.
                              Rookie Zhinarkos: 1 kill. Killed in action.

                              Well, that was good, clean family fun. The next time I go out, I'm going to try to bring one of these slimebags in alive. We'll see how that plays out.
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                                Re: I want YOU in my X-Com squad

                                I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this episode. Amazing stuff, Mikki.
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