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Songs we considered for Alan Wake

We had multiple candidates for the episode songs in Alan Wake, and I thought you could be interested in what alternates we had.

There are various reasons why these didn't end up in the game. Some artists/record companies declined the opportunity, some were way too expensive, and some songs had too complicated rights holders (e.g. needed permission from 3 different parties to license) and thus it was impossible to secure them. And naturally sometimes we found a better alternative.

So here's a short list.
  • Episode 1: We really wanted Orbison's In Dreams, and got it!
  • Episode 2: For some time we had Lovely head by Goldfrapp as a placeholder and loved the eery feel it gave, but it was unavailable. PJ Harvey - Dear Darkness and Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine were among the candidates, but Haunted by Poe ended up being a perfect choice.
  • Episode 3: Tom Waits - Sea of Love and Don't Go into the Barn were candidates as well as The Verve - Sit and Wonder and The Arcade Fire - Wake Up. Nick Cave was a very good end result.
  • Episodes 4 & 5: Poets of the Fall were always planned for these.
  • Episode 6: Bowie's Space Oddity was the first choice and we got it!

I remember having multiple discussions with Sam that the soundtrack is too obscure, but now I can admit I was wrong and Sam's creative vision was spot on.
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