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Originally Posted by QuantumWake
Do you guys do the post-effects on the CPU or the GPU... Or both?
GPU, albeit we have a helper thread that does some pre-calculation for color correction to help the GPU out.

Originally Posted by Dagmar
I have a question for Remedy. Alan Wake pushing 360 to its limit? After the release, there is a possibility for improving the engine?
The graphics side is pretty well optimized, but I think we can still push for more in the future especially on the CPU side but also on the GPU. We already have a few bigger changes in mind that could free up as much as 30% processing time, but they were too big to do for Alan Wake 1.

But it's not all about improving the engine. We also learned what kind of content works and looks the best with the engine we have, and can, from day one, make cooler stuff in the future. Expect the downloadable content to benefit from this already somewhat.

Originally Posted by Dark View Post
Remedy, have the hand animations in Alan Wake been fixed? We're not gonna have a floating torch and gun in Alan Wake if we aim up or down are we?
Well, first of all no lines of code from Max Payne games ended up in Alan Wake. So fixed, yes, but also rewritten to be a much more advanced system. Mostly it works really well. I guess some extreme cases may have problems but you'd really have to look closely for them...
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