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Extras - Playbacks

I didn't know where to post this so please feel free to move it if necessary.

All I wanted to say is that I am very greatfull for the Remedy team in making such a VERY VERY good playback section which includes all the Radios, all the Manuscripts (read out load even), All songs throughout the game, and even all the cutscenes.

Not to be nitpicky though I did notice one thing missing that I really expected after going through the game: the TVs.

I am wondering if it would at all possible for Remedy to CONSIDER, at least CONSIDER, releasing an update to include a TV section in the playback. Because I quite enjoyed the Night Springs tales and would like to have a better look at them on my full screen Its just a thought lol
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Re: Extras - Playbacks

Yes, being able to watch Night Springs from the game menu would be great, but keep in mind that the video quality isn't as top notch as the game deserves. I think someone from Remedy laid down a few words on it a while ago. It's not easy turning those small in-game TV's into HD videos, and doing so would probably take a lot of time, effort and resources that can be used in better ways by the team. It's still an idea Remedy should keep in the back of their heads while making Alan Wake 2 - Giving us full access to watch Night Springs from the game menu, and maybe releasing a few shows pre-launch on Youtube and Xbox Live to promote the game. I think it could turn out to become even more popular than Bright Falls.
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Re: Extras - Playbacks

Night Springs ... I watched some of the original Twilight Zone episodes because of Night Springs.
My favorite so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQUim5_BWv0
Just timeless!
And Quantum Suicide is my favorite Night Springs episode`.

If you like the actor JAMES McCAFFREY you NEED to watch my James McCaffrey COLLECTION
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