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Performance issue

hey just bought this game on steam and i have a problem with the performance
my settings are medium and i have 1440x900 res
my specs are
C2D E8400 3.6
Nvidia gts 450 295.73 2gb
4gb ram ddr3
win 7 64 bit

when i play mostly my fps are 38-50 and seem laggy..a lot actually
is my card that bad that can't run AW on medium(99% gpu usage)
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Re: Performance issue

FPS 38-50 should be just fine - the 360 version is designed for 30fps.

But if you want to try and make it run a little better, try the tips in the support thread or the following recommendations:

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Re: Performance issue

As Morry said.

Those framerates seem about right for the setup you have.

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