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boogie woogie
Fixed Camera?

Is it possible on the PC version to have a fixed camera? I do enjoy the movable camera especially with such good graphics, but I am struggling getting use to the moveable camera. Fixed Camera is a must
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Re: Fixed Camera?

If the team can find the time to change some of the coding, an option may appear in a later patch. I don't know how difficult the change will be or how much time Remedy has available to do the job, so it may or may not happen at this stage.

That being said, they do know that some people prefer a fixed camera system, but the game was developed with the existing camera system in mind.

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Re: Fixed Camera?

Have you tried the Direct Aiming menu option?
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boogie woogie
Re: Fixed Camera?

Originally Posted by MarkusRMD View Post
Have you tried the Direct Aiming menu option?
I have just switched Direct Aiming to enabled Itís no fixed camera, but I am kind of getting use to the manual camera now. Iím not perfect at it but Iím not as bad as a first was.
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