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Death Rally Sync Issues

The latest iOS update has horrible sync issues making the game almost unplayable. I can adapt to most sync issues but today I was killed 5x getting hit from behind when I was in last place. And, No I am sure I wasn't lapped. I was taking massive HP reductions so I let everyone go by and get a half a lap ahead and was killed. I get things being a second off, but when the person who killed me each time never went by? Come on. Love the game. Hope this issue can be resolved. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Death Rally Sync Issues

I guess we need to perform a dark ritual of summoning remedy guys' spirits. Well, bombarding DR facebook page with words like "crap, oh hell, I have to reclaim my flamethrower and VIP all the time" is also an option but I'm inclining to the ritual.

Still can't believe they've released the whole patch to satisfy this mm... mandarin.

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Re: Death Rally Sync Issues

No need for any rituals. We're always looking at the forums and I usually refer any tech related issues to our tech guys to work their magic.

We have resolved the IAP issue in our latest update (available now through the app store) and always working on improving sync performance.
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Re: Death Rally Sync Issues

Omg, omg, it actually worked! I think I just succeed in performing another spirit séance!
However I'm still bad at this, thus I've never managed to maintain a connection long enough to at least find out the fate of the mystic yellow battle school bus.
@Mighty Spirit of DR wisdom would you please help me with that?

Guess not, spirit switched to "observer" mode, how boring.
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Re: Death Rally Sync Issues

Wise... Cat:
The connection thing is something we have been working on whenever we've had some time to spare. It has not changed in the last two months at all. If we find some good solution, we'll naturally update, but so far online racing and iOS does not seem to work too well in a game as popular as Death Rally. It works nicely with lower loads though, like when we test a beta version and there are only 2-4 players in the whole world

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