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instalation to SD card

I was surprised that game is trying to initialise all files to internal storage of the phone even if I previously moved application to the sd card. Due to the fact, that for example 2011 xperia models have small internal memory and count with these types of data with sd card, this game are not able to install on such devices (whis is the my case with SE xperia pro).

Is it possible to add possibily to generate these data neccessary tu run the game to other than inernal memory as all other similar games have?
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Re: instalation to SD card

You should be able to move the game to an SD card once it is first installed internally. Some devices don't allow it, but Android's system settings - application management does this if available.
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Re: instalation to SD card

Yes and it still installs all your files on the phone doesnt matter if we move the game after the instalation.
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