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Translating finnish documentary about Remedy 'n stuff!

Hey guys. Here's the thing.
There is this finnish documentary film about game developement, featuring some Remedy crew members, interviews with them and, of course, info about Max Payne and Alan Wake developement. Also it feature interiews with BugBear (Flatout), Rovio (Angry Birds) and some other dev.teams, I'm not sure as I don't know finnish and I didn't wanna spoiling anything.

Now, I got it on my HDD in a little bit better quality along with finnish subs, which I attached here.
What I need is a grand fan, you maybe, the reader, to translate this from finnish into english. I would of do it myself, but... no, no finnish I had at school, unfortunately. Useless german instead .
I know I ask about a lot, but that's Sam Lake appears in the movie, c'mon!

< Sam He appears in the movie. That's right. Sam Lake. Oh yea.

Anyways, if I will be lucky to find somebody who will be interested and altruistic enough to translate it into english I'd translate it into russian (my primary language), so even more people could watch it. I got experience in translating english>russian so I understand it ain't easy. But I can't do it myself, I just don't know any finish people who could help me with that.

The total lenght is 53 minutes and 530 lines.

Thanks. Big loeuv
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Re: Translating finnish documentary about Remedy 'n stuff!

Great! Get to see some of the Remedy offices in there.

Hmm, sorry to say i'm not Finnish savvy.. But dont know if you know, but Youtube does have a captions translation which isn't half bad..

Although its not based on your subtitles, the speech recognition seems to do a pretty good job.
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Re: Translating finnish documentary about Remedy 'n stuff!

speech recognition seems to do a pretty good job
Funny=) My cat probably recognizing what I'm saying batter then this thing.
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