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Nemi in MP2?

I am a first time poster here, but I noticed something while playing MP2 recently. In the funhouse level there is a cartoonish drawing of a dead goth girl, chalk drawn around her, on the floor while Max is in the fun house. She looks remarkably like the Norwegian comic strip character Nemi. For you Finns out there, is this strip known in Finland and might this be a reference to it, or is it coincidental?


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Re: Nemi in MP2?

Screenshot (hope I got the right one ):

Picture I found from a fansite:

I don't know, I doubt it.

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Re: Nemi in MP2?

It was the right screen-shot, I see I was wrong about the chalk outline.
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Re: Nemi in MP2?

Yeah, we (Finns) have had our share of Nemi in here. It used to be on a comic book called Myrkky (and still is), but now it's been relesed in it's own strip too.

And what comes to the girl portrait... there are some familaries with Nemi, but don't know if they are intentional or not.

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Re: Nemi in MP2?

I somehow doubt it. Could be eye-candy for people that have read Nemi, but they still look too different for it to be a direct Nemi-relation. If they were to make it a Nemi eye-candy, I think they'd make it even more obvious.

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