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Pax Mayne

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multiplayer is broken?

Subject - topic's title.
Before today I've tried to find anyone on DTHRALLY, but it failed all the time, well, maybe no one playing, ok...
But now I've tried to play with my friend and it ended up in total nothing... Why?
1) I activated ONLINE
2) Activated my channel
3) Entered FRIENDS map, and nothing... No one can be found...
After that I tried to connect to his channel - still - nothing
We've tried to set graphics to LOW, and still total zero response
What's wrong with MP? Or are we doing smth wrong?
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Re: multiplayer is broken?

@PatricRMD is reading these forums and the team is still looking at any clear issues to fix. I'm not a DR Steam MP expert.
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Re: multiplayer is broken?

We need to look into this, but it's the first time I hear of such problems.

If both you and your friend enter the same Game Channel name, turn it on in the settings, and select the Game Channel race (far right) about the same time, you should be connected to a private game with just the two of you and some bots filling up the race.

If the public tracks are empty of players, you can also go to any of the other online races. If you join about the same time +/- 10 seconds, you should be connected to the same race.

On the launch day, the game version did some match making errors and you only got into a game every second attempt. In the next few days, when we had a higher load of gamers to test with, we managed to get the match making working close to 100%. Latest yesterday we had an online session here at the office and hunted each other and some other awesome gamers that happened to be online. All worked flawlessly.
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Pax Mayne

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Re: multiplayer is broken?

Hmm, will try to play in private soon.
I managed to play several races online, but when it comes to play via a channel - it stuck
But nevertheless - ty for an answer.

PS. And any info about that - http://community.remedygames.com/showthread.php?t=9130
Lots of ppl would like to have the ability.
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Re: multiplayer is broken?

Hello, I am having the same problem. I tried to play with a friend, we tried entering the same channel, and didn't find each other. He is geographically far away if that matters. We also tried going to the same map in MP and that didn't work either.
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Re: multiplayer is broken?

Haven't figured out how to find any players in this game yet. If somebody wants to try and play this game with me online, my steam nick is "Jester131"

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