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Alan Wake's American Nightmare FAQ

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  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare FAQ

    The FAQ's below will be updated as we get closer to the games release.

    FAQ Last Updated: 21st February 2012
    FAQ Version: 0.3

    [SIZE="3"]When is the game coming out?[/SIZE]

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare is due out on XBLA on February 22nd, 2012.

    [SIZE="3"]How much will Alan Wake's American Nightmare cost?[/SIZE]

    It will cost 1200 Microsoft Points.

    [SIZE="3"]Is this a sequel to Alan Wake or DLC?[/SIZE]

    No, Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a standalone title that will expand on the story found in the first game, yet still provide first time players the ability to jump in and play.

    [SIZE="3"]How many hours of story there will be?[/SIZE]

    The game's story mode will take approximately 4-5 hours to complete.

    [SIZE="3"]What game modes will be available?[/SIZE]

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare contains a Story mode and the arcade action mode called "Fight till Dawn".

    [SIZE="3"]What achievements will be included in the game?[/SIZE]

    There are 12 total achievements in Alan Wake's American Nightmare, these are:
    • Escape! (10 points) - Escape the Taken to the motel.
    • Rewrite (10 points) - Rewrite reality for the first time.
    • Cool It (20 points) - Make sure Dr. Meadows can take another look at the skies.
    • Happy Ending (25 points) - Rewrite reality for the last time.
    • Glorious Dawn (10 points) - Survive until dawn in any Arcade Mode level.
    • Poetry in Motion (20 points) - Get a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level.
    • Enter the Nightmare (10 points) - Unlock all of the Nightmare Arcade Mode levels.
    • Skill Beats Gun (10 points) - Survive an Arcade level using nothing but the flashlight and handheld flares.
    • Survivor (30 points) - Get 70,000 points in any Nightmare Arcade level.
    • Split Splat! (15 points) - Take out two Splitter spawns with a single shot.
    • One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler (20 points) - Find all of the manuscript pages.
    • Pile ‘Em High (20 points) - Defeat 2,000 Taken.

    [SIZE="3"]Will the game have any unlockable Avatar Awards?[/SIZE]

    Yes, the following can be unlocked in the game:
    • American Nightmare Hoodie – Meet Emma
    • Night Springs T-Shirt – Unlock the first Nightmare Arcade challenge
    • Old Gods T-Shirt – Complete the game

    [SIZE="3"]What language support is provided in Alan Wake's American Nightmare?[/size]

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare provides subtitle-only support for the following languages:
    English, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Japanese.

    [SIZE="3"]How large is the download for the game?[/SIZE]

    The download is approximately 1.3GB.

    [SIZE="3"]Does this use the same game engine as Alan Wake and will there be any improvements to the engine?[/SIZE]

    The engine has been revised and improved since the original Alan Wake. We have managed to get a lot of optimisations in and among other things the internal rendering resolution has been increased, as well as FXAA anti-aliasing has been added. Alan Wake himself has been completely remodelled in higher detail, and enemies use a completely new animation system. We also have lots of new details like a much cooler (well, in our opinion anyway) Taken effect.

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    Re: Alan Wake's American Nightmare FAQ

    Updated FAQ with more Q&A's.


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      Re: Alan Wake's American Nightmare FAQ

      Updated FAQ:
      - Added FAQ for language support.