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My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

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  • My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

    I had fun playing and will always buy anything wake but if I was involved in the game design. I know this was just a d/l title maybe more to come with a full game.

    Random stuff

    Way to easy no skill involved at all not scary at all.

    The splitters and bird guys were cool but need more enemies with different ways to kill them.

    No punishment for exploring the big maps/no rewards for exploring. The pages were close to objectives but the maps were big. I think you should borrow from left for dead and have a creature (witch) asleep out there you hit it with light it awakens hard as hell.

    All that and no boss battle? Worst thing about the game.

    The puzzle was cool but all you had to do was hit the button till you got the right one. I don't want the game telling me I am right unless I figure it out.

    Only one taken object in the game?

    Something I wanted in the last game taken animals the last one needed a deer or two a couple racoons and a massive roaming bear ( I still want this in a patch). This one needed snakes, scorpions , coyotes

    Thanks for reading my randomness

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    Re: My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

    There were lights above the switches. Boss fight are mainly poor game design , a relic of old games, so best to leave it out unless have something original. Yeah would have been good to have some risk reward with exploring like in original. Pretty much everyone has asked for a nightmare mode to make it hard.


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      Re: My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

      ... it had spiders
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        Re: My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

        They were to big and uninspired IMO


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          Re: My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

          Alan Wake did need a Deer, definately if only to just walk past you in the forest. Nightmare... I dunno like you said it should have had more things to find, theres as lot of space and I did all the edges, didnt find a thing not ever a random chair!!! I like easter eggs but nothing to find.,
          Anyhoo, there's not a hope in hell that I would have come up with the game so all my moaning is pointless, it is a work of genius as was the first and Max Payne... nuff said


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            Re: My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

            I was looking forward to the spiders, but I thought they ended up being the weakest enemy in the game (in terms of scare factor). There's something about them that just renders them not scary. Considering I find spiders freaky, this surprised me.

            I was REALLY disappointed by the confrontation with Mr. Scratch. I liked the significance of Alice's film playing into his defeat, but I really think they ought to have had a face-to-face standoff prior to that. The "final confrontation" consisting of just more darkness wells was a letdown.

            I really hope Mr. Scratch comes back, because he was too good in this game to have been a one-off.
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              Re: My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

              Being it a download game, I think it's extremely high value for the buck.

              It feels far different from the original, but a spin-off can do that, and even being a spin-off they gave a very good idea (let's say a foretaste) of what A.W. brings to people who haven't played it yet.

              Yep, I'm a fan. I'm still yearning for a full blooded AW title continueing the main story of course, but darn, giving this being XBLA, it's just incredible.

              A lot of people hoped for AW "middle" in this one, and who can blame them, having played the superb original, but just take this as it is, an inbetween Wake XBLA game... giving the segment they put it in, at the price point they sold it for, and the way we got more Wake in a different way, it's pure gaming art.

              That's my opinion, you can have yours of course no issues there. I personally am happy Remedy has demonstrated how different a Wake title can be while still being a Wake title, the way and point the story has presented really gives endless oppurtunities to continue the franchise, whilst I still hope for Wake to return in spirit of the original, but I'm very happy to have received the content is it has been presented in/on the format and price point wherein the game has been delivered.

              Also, commercially a very good move, people will have heard of Alan Wake before, unsure if it has been a game for them, they will have access to a Wake Title now for very little money, they will have tasted a fraction of what Wake has to offer, due to it being presented in a way more accessible manner for the masses... and if things go right, they will want more Wake and buy the original, so Remedy will have fundings and motivation to continue the Wake franchise in more XBLA titles and hopefully a full blooded sequel.

              Extremely many words to say: "damn fine Job Remedy, damn good cup of coffee (since it keeps me Awake...)
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                Re: My thoughts just finished maybe spoilers...

                My thoughts on American Nightmare, Positives first:

                + Graphics and Visual wise it's easily the best looking XBLA title I've ever seen, it feels anything but sub-par and half assedcompared to many other titles in the genre
                + I actually found the storyline really enthralling, expanding on Alan Wake's journey was endlessly entertaining and I couldn't wait to find another manuscript page that gave me some more information on where we were in the story. I also thought the ending was a nicely done twist.
                + Game play wise I thought it was really fun, the new weapons added a fun change of pace to the game play as well as the new enemies.
                + Fight till dawn mode was surprisingly fun, while people compare it to the likes of Gears of Wars Horde mode I actually thought this was a more enjoyable single player experience, I've played Horde mode in single player and believe me it gets incredibly dull, But I adore the way this game stylises the feature to work in single player.
                + The avatar awards were a really nice addition, my avatar is currently rocking the Night Springs tee.
                + The classic hero/villian tension between Wake and Mr.Scr!#tch works brilliantly, something that's lost in alot of todays games.

                - I actually missed being able to listen to the sound track from the title screen, I still do that with the original Alan Wake, Space Oddity anyone?
                - While I didn't particularly mind replaying the areas since it gave me the opportunity to unlock new items and manuscript pages, I can see why some people found it annoying.


                = You could really improve on the length of the campaign as that was a major point that alot of critics pointed out with this game.
                = Fight till dawn mode is a ton of fun, you could expand it with even more gameplay modes outside of the campaign, perhaps Alan has to complete other timed objectives while evading taken? You'll figure it out!
                = I still don't get why it wasn't possible to watch the Night Springs episodes outside the story mode in the original Alan Wake, perhaps you could enable that in a future game?

                Thanks for reading till the end, if you did...