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AWAN 3d vision support

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    Re: AWAN 3d vision support

    Originally posted by john1231 View Post
    ...with AWAN things are much worse as they are a lot more noticable. ...
    I guess technically the two games suffer from the same problems in 3D-Vision.
    In AW there were a lot "night levels" - the wrong shadows were not visible that much but the wrong lighting was visible much more and some fog-ghosting.
    The "day levels" suffered mostly from wrong shadows.
    Re: Demand for proper 3D Vision support

    In AWAN there is this "one hour before sunset"-feeling. It's much brighter than AW. There is a lot wrong shadow casting and additionally the wrong lighting.
    Maybe that is why it's looking much worse.

    I really hope, that Remedy still works on the 3D-Vision support.
    AW and AWAN are really great games but a full working 3D-Vision would be such an amazing enrichment for the gaming-experience .
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      Re: AWAN 3d vision support

      I would Love to see full 3D Vision support for AW and AWAN. These games are awesome and would be much better in 3D! Like other 3D Vision users I prefer 3D over 2D. maby other users could petition Helix (the 3d god) to make Helix mods for both these games. He can fix almost anything!