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Big Bastards and Dark Place Fauna

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  • Big Bastards and Dark Place Fauna

    This thread is for discussing the nature of the entities that dwell within the Dark Place.

    My own personal theory, is that the things that dwell within the Dark Place are in effect living ideas. Cant think of a better way to put it than that.

    Which leads me to my question for the Remedy team, if they are willing to answer. What exactly was the Dark Prescence from the first game? Was it truly a Lovecraftian creature beyond human comprehension, or was it some sort of amalgamation of ideas that are comprehendible?
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    Re: Big Bastards and Dark Place Fauna

    Not gonna answer that one, but of course the Dark Presence is one of the things that live in the Dark Place.
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      Re: Big Bastards and Dark Place Fauna

      I understand that Zane is considered to be a force of light and all that, but sometimes I can't help but feel like we're being played by him. Perhaps he's one of the "big bastards" referenced? Once a man, but after decades in the dark place, he's become something more?

      As for proof (of which I have very little), there's the whole fact that he made Mr. Scratch. Pretty much immediately afterwards, off that guy goes saying that he's working for the alleged "big bastards". It seems fishy that something Zane would create would go haywire like that, especially since everything else he's written into existence has helped Wake. Suddenly, we're just supposed to write Scratch off as a fluke, something tampered by the Dark Presence, when a anti-Dark Presence super weapon is just left intact?

      As for the whole "Zane is a giant lightbulb in a suit" thing... First thing I've noticed is that in intense concentrations of the Dark Presence, there is a form of light. It may be for the lighting effects, but especially in the whirlwind form of the Presence, there is a strange blue glow that is in the core of it mixed with the inky black darkness. If Zane really isn't Zane anymore, perhaps the darkness masks itself with its own light?

      I don't really know enough, it's been a while since I've played Alan Wake super-duper deeply (rebought it for the PC a few weeks ago, this is my first time on the forums since 2012[!]), but every time I look at Zane, I feel like we are missing so much about his motivation and actions. Maybe he's a pawn himself? He does say in "The Writer" that he is not acting on either Alan's or his own wishes. Since "Alan Wake" focuses on the idea that words have power, and everyone has a motive, it doesn't make sense for there to be any rogue agents; just those who control the situation (or at least understand it enough to fight it) and those controlled by the situation and incapable of making really any changes compared to the larger players.
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