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800x600 Resolution?

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  • PC 800x600 Resolution?

    I need it, I can't run the game without it, please if anyone knows how to set the resolution to 800x600, please let me know!

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    Re: 800x600 Resolution?

    Ok, scratch the following (Mr. Scratch style *worst pun ever*). If you find a way to force your graphics card to push out 1024x768 px resolution to your lower resolution display, that could work.

    Hi Timepool! You can adjust the resolution from the Steam menu.


    The game supports a few command line options meant mainly for troubleshooting. Warning: for advanced users only. Many of these options can be selected from in-game menus and we recommend doing that instead.

    You can enter them by right clicking on Alan Wake's American Nightmare in the Steam Library and choosing Properties. From there go to "Set launch options".

    -w screen width (e.g. -w1280)
    -h screen height (e.g. -h720)
    -window force windowed
    -novsync disables v-sync
    -showfps shows a frame rate counter on screen
    -forcesurround forces 5.1 speaker mode
    -forcestereo forces stereo (2 channel) speaker mode
    -nosound disables sound
    -cleancloud deletes your save games and settings from Steam Cloud
    -sensscale (e.g. -sensscale=0.2) changes the mouse sensitivity scale slider in-game. Useful for some high DPI mice that feel way too sensitive even with the in-game menu set to low.
    -locale=xx forces a selected locale. This should not be needed as you can change it from the Game Properties in Steam. Note that you have to have the locale files downloaded from Steam and that happens only when you choose the language you want to play in from Steam.


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      Re: 800x600 Resolution?

      It won't work. It will force the resolution up to 1024x768.

      I'm trying to see if this restriction can possibly be removed by hacking the game files. In either case it's not going to work very well because the HUD and menus haven't been optimized to work at such a low resolution.


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        Re: 800x600 Resolution?

        Yeah good idea Lauri. What exactly is the use case Timepool? If you have an nvidia graphics card it's possible to create custom resolutions that can work outside of the display's native resolution. pic


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          Re: 800x600 Resolution?

          nope, AMD, I also just found out how the steam settings helped alot, thanks. It'd still be nice to know how to fix this issue without steam, as I have this same issue with other games as well.