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How many Takens have you killed?

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  • How many Takens have you killed?

    Well, we all know how big of a task it is to get Alice back. I mean you have to kill A LOT of bad guys and also write some pages. Right?

    Just to throw out some friendly stats comparison here, I ask you: How many Takens have you killed? The thread is limited to Alan Wake since unfortunately there is no statistics visible in AWAN.

    Here is my stats:

    Revolver: 828
    Flare Gun: 129
    Shotgun: 337
    Hunting rifle: 141
    Flashbang: 299
    Vehicles: 99
    Indirect: 480

    TOTAL: 2313 Takens killed. So suck it Barbara! (ok, that sounded weird)


    Poltergeist destroyed: 405
    Birds killed: 3149


    It seems that I have to use the hunting rifle more. It's probably the best gun in the game.
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    Re: How many Takens have you killed?

    Hey Stammy,

    Here are My Stats.

    Revolver: 2126
    Flare Gun: 269
    Shotgun: 631
    Hunting Rifle: 217
    Flash bangs: 684
    Vehicles: 279
    Indirect: 1142
    Poltergeist: 1040
    Birds: 7226

    I don't think those stats are all that bad.
    Of course the one stat that stands out the most, the one that taunts me and haunts me in my nightmares is the 99 out of 100 Thermoses found. One god damn flask of coffee hiding somewhere in the game. I'll shoot those taken all over again if I thought one of them could tell me where the hell it is.


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      Re: How many Takens have you killed?

      So...uh, how many residents are there in Bright Falls?

      Revolver: 3881
      Flare Gun: 632
      Shotgun: 707
      Hunting Rifle: 267
      Flash Bangs: 845
      Vehicles: 240
      Indirect Kills: 2401
      Total: 8973

      Poltergeist: 1563
      Birds: 11268

      Number of Batteries Consumed: 3035

      The two numbers that jumped out for me were my indirect kills (I'm such a good shot!) and the total of birds. I've always managed to incur the wrath of seagulls, and now I'm beginning to understand why.

      Good luck getting that final coffee thermos, Deadlikeme! So close!
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        Re: How many Takens have you killed?

        I remember there were just over 2000 residents in Bright Falls. I hope that some of the Taken were Deerfest visitors from neighboring towns or otherwise BF is pretty low on population right now.

        I have 97 coffee thermoses. That is a big burden on my back.


        Great number of Taken killed guys, rispect! I bet you have some serious number of playthroughs.
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          Re: How many Takens have you killed?

          Originally posted by Stammy View Post
          I have 97 coffee thermoses. That is a big burden on my back.
          I can totally understand.
          I also need to find just one more 'Sign' to get the 'Bright Falls Aficionado' achievement. And it kills me!

          Will upload my stats when I next play on xbox. Haven't done much killings on PC.


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            Re: How many Takens have you killed?

            Personally I'm at

            Revolver: 5141
            Flare Gun: 861
            Shotgun: 749
            Hunting Rifle: 411
            Flash Bangs: 1712
            Vehicles: 487
            Indirect Kills: 2251
            Total: 11612

            Poltergeist: 1710
            Birds: 17604

            Number of Batteries Consumed: 3335

            With still two thermoses missing and two signs.