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  • Remedy- This is for you!

    Hiya guys. First time, and most likely last time poster here.

    Not that I have any issues with Remedy, in fact, its quite the opposite that im posting here. See, many years ago, a game by the name of Max Payne landed on my lap, as my girlfriend (wife now ) used to grab me games here n there to check out, as im a crazy game addict.

    Needless to say, Max Payne turned out to be one of the greatest games for me personally, ever. I proceeded to add each and every max payne to my collection as they came out over the years, even when you (Remedy) stepped aside, and let Rockstar (another one of my favorite developers) take over the show.

    Well, not being a very in the know kinda guy about who makes what as far as games go (never really cared, as long as a game was good) Alan Wake slipped under my radar. Recently I discovered it, and was pleased to see Remedys name on the Product.

    Again, you have not let me down. Atmosphere, environment, details, character development, audio / soundtrack... damn I had so many omfg moments. Loved it, insanely.

    Remedy, you guys have a sick (read as : goddam bloody awesome) method of delivering stories, and developing characters. You guys are amazing, at least to me. Cherished every moment of both these franchise Titles, in fact, every year or so, I rerun the first 2 max paynes.

    Keep it up guys. You have a serious die hard fan here. But with that, I will now exit stage, and return to my hole.

    Thanks for the rides.

    <3 Remedy.
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