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Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an Alan Wake related game? [spoilers alert]

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  • Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an Alan Wake related game? [spoilers alert]

    We've been very busy on playing the Ethan Carter's title with aleoo.w and here are some of our thoughts about the game's plot:

    Of course, the game is not literally connected to Alan Wake universe, but I ithink there are many things that remind us of Wake:

    1) The main protoganist is a detective called Paul Prospero. It needs to note the guy has a very similar voice to Max Payne or Alex Casey.

    2)Paul is on his mission of finding a missing person - Ethan Carter... Like Alan was searching for his wife Alice.

    3)The sceneries of Red Creek Valley has much in common with Bright Falls. Even though the latter is a bigger town and it's located in Washington instead of Wisconsin (It was in comic-prequel for Vanishing) they are both located among lush spruce forests, mountain peaks and huge lakes. Not to mention the dams!!!

    4)The story of Vanishing is connected with supernatural entity that possess members from Carter familly just like Dark Presence from beneath the Cauldron Lake that made people its sinister henchmen - the Taken.

    5)There're moments in the game where the protoganist talks about the darkness:

    "I could feel two kinds of darkness here in Red Creek Valley.The first you walked into, and, with any luck, walked out of. But the other darkness was deeper, stickier, unknowable. And it wanted me to leave".

    "Ethan was close. I could feel him, a pinprick of light in the darkness".

    6)Bird Ritual Sigil resembles Bird Leg Cabin from Alan Wake.

    7) The ending of the game is also a strong remind of Alan Wake. It turns out that Paul Prospero is a fictional character from a story written by Ethan Carter and he is brought to reality by the act of creativity of Ethan. Just like Alan Wake as a writer himself can affect the reality with the aid of Dark Presence and his talent.

    8) "Wake Up" theme in the later part of the game. Paul finds Ethan sleeping and says "Ethan, Wake Up". Also the main antogonist from Ethan's story is called "The Sleeper'.

    I know that Vanishing is also strongly influenced by Lovecraft mythology and whole detective genre but for me it reminds Alan Wake for the most part. It's also a funny coincidence that I glimpsed about the game from Sam Lake's twitter .

    Any thoughts on that?
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    Re: Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an Alan Wake related game? [spoilers alert]

    The first time I saw the game i said the same thing just basing it off the trailer.

    Still need to play it but its on my wishlist.
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      Re: Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an Alan Wake related game? [spoilers alert]

      Number 7 sounds like a massive similarity with Alan Wake. I have seen some similarities in Dreamfall chapters demo also. Zoe was destroying a monster inside the wardrobe with a flashlight, and there was a guy stuck under a street light afraid to move forward.

      Games influence other games I guess.


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        Re: Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an Alan Wake related game? [spoilers alert]

        I didn't read your post to avoid spoilers (I'm waiting on the console port) but from the shown trailers I do get a very Alan Wake-like vibe. I can assume that'd only be a positive attribute for that game.