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Alan Wake Soundtrack Tracklisting

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  • Alan Wake Soundtrack Tracklisting

    I recently got my hands on a soundtrack cd containing licensed music for Alan Wake and a few brief dialogue snippets from the game (KMUDD radio interludes, which I've transcribed below). I'm guessing that this is the stuff that plays on the radio when you're driving around in the game. Also, check out the Twin Peaks reference in KMUDD Interlude #4; The Mar-T Cafe is the name of the real-life diner that was used for exterior shots of the Double R Diner in the show.

    01 KMUDD Interlude 1 - "This goes out to all you folks in Bright Falls who are getting ready for another long night. Hang tight with KMUDD."

    02 Dustin Bentall - Streets With No Lights

    03 Jake La Botz - The Grey

    04 Eleni Mandell - Moonglow, Lamp Low

    05 Johnny Cash - Wide Open Road (Original Demo)

    06 Candie Payne - Why Should I Settle For You (Instrumental)

    07 Catherine Feeny - Always Tonight

    08 Jake La Botz - Tiny

    09 KMUDD Interlude 2 - "This is for any of you folks still out there on the road."

    10 Tom Waits - Long Way Home

    11 Catherine Feeny - Hurricane Glass

    12 Ryan Adams - Beautiful Sorta (Live)

    13 Pearlene - Watch The Way

    14 Jake La Botz - My Silver Lining

    15 Eleni Mandell - My Twin

    16 DERU - You Haunt Me

    17 UFO - Cold Processor

    18 Aeroc - Enter

    19 Gabriel Rene - Absynthesis

    20 Bat for Lashes - What's a Girl to Do

    21 KMUDD Interlude 3 - "You're listening to K-M-U-D-D, KMUDD. Stay inside folks. Doesn't look like this rain's gonna let up any time soon."

    22 Jake La Botz - It's Gonna Rain Again

    23 Lights Down Low - Supernatural

    24 Gill Landry - Lawless Soirez

    25 Catherine Feeny - Unsteady Ground

    26 Jake La Botz - Getting Closer

    27 Gill Landry - Poor Boy

    28 Jake La Botz - Graveyard Jones

    29 KMUDD Interlude 4 - "How are y'all doing out there tonight. You're listening to the Wolf, on KMUDD. This one's brought to you by our own Mar-T Cafe, in case you're looking for shelter."

    30 Jake La Botz - The Cold Is Coming On

    31 Bat for Lashes - Horse and I

    32 Jake La Botz - That Might be the Cause of it All

    33 Bomb the Bass - Dark Heart (Sabres of Paradise Mix)

    34 Nortec Collective - Bar Infierno

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    Re: Alan Wake Soundtrack Tracklisting

    Yeah whatever you have is a fake, soundtrack hasn't been made yet.. heck there's no announcement at all that there will even be a soundtrack.

    Good try though.

    If you want to make suggestions on what music should be in Alan Wake there's already a thread for it: