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Alan Wake film?

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  • Alan Wake film?

    I was browsing through TV Tropes' development hell portion and came across this:, first example under "Video Game Adaptations"
    "In 2011, an film adaptation of the game Alan Wake was announced with former New Line head Robert Shaye (who has a first-look deal withWarner Bros. ) set to produce. Nothing has been heard about it since."

    What the hell? Why haven't I heard of this before? Does it mean the Bright Falls series? If not, why haven't I heard of it since? Does anyone have any kind of source to prove this?
    The "Alan Wake development history" fanatic strikes again!

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    Whoah, that's something new to me as well. But as you might know by now (based on the Game Informer stuff), the Max Payne movie rights took 7 years to turn into an actual film. Maybe Mikki knows more about AW rights?


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      Hmm hope an answer shows sometime. mysterious.
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