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The mill, Episode 2, possible bug?

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  • The mill, Episode 2, possible bug?

    I tried asking this in the Help and Issues forum, but no one seems to be reading it.

    I've played Alan Wake as far as the mill in Episode 2, but have got stuck. It seems obvious that I have to push the counterweight off the ledge to raise the lift, but when I walk up to it, I get no instruction to do so. Is this a bug? Googling I find quite a few people are having the same problem. According to the FAQs, you walk up to the weight, and a message tells you to press 'B' to kick it. I get no such message, and it won't budge. Have I missed something?

    I am playing the Xbox 360 version, a physical copy, on an Xbox One.

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    I Just finished the game of the same version (360 for xbone) and got no issues of that sort. It's possible you're just not standing at an enough distance for the kick message to appear, or you might be too far.