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How did everyone find out alan wake?

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  • How did everyone find out alan wake?

    Hello, we all here cuz we love alan wake, but how did you find out the game? i was at my friends i had woken up and everyone was asleep. so i wanted to play a new game and alan was there. so i popped it in and i was hooked. i play it at least one year. can wait to hear other people story.

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    I was a huge fan of the first two Max Payne games back in the day, and that made me a huge fan of their creator, Remedy.

    Remedy announced they were making Alan Wake back in 2005, and I picked the game up on the Xbox 360 the night it was released.


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      Welcome to the forums, SoundwavE!

      I'm not sure exactly where I heard the name, but I was kind of aware of Alan Wake shortly after its release. At the time I didn't have an XBOX 360, so I didn't know too much about it, but I remember being interested in checking it out. I searched for Let's Play of the title and found a playthrough by 666theheartless666 who had been a fan of the developers (and Poets of the Fall too) since Max Payne. I really enjoyed watching the playthrough and the YouTuber's genuine enthusiasm for the title stood out a lot. There were some other titles I was interested in, but Alan Wake was the game which led me to actually wanting to get the console. I'm glad it did work out that way, a lot of good things have happened in my life because of that game. I still go back to the Let's Play every now and then, even though I've played the game myself a bunch of times by now.
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        I had only recently purchased an Xbox 360 in 2009. I bought it solely due to seeing the Batman: Arkham Asylum game being played in a HMV store. That was the only game I had for months. I wanted more games, but I wasn't in to shooters and didn't have a Gold Membership. I purchased an Xbox magazine that had a 6 page article on Alan Wake, and I was hooked. Still to this day, the main reason certain games remain on my favourite list is their story. As with my favourite books, movies and TV shows. I pre-ordered the limited edition. After collecting it on the day of release, I played the first two episodes in one glorious night. And as writer Frank Miller said about his first experience opening up a Batman comic, I too fell straight in to this beautiful world, never fully coming back.


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          Been following Remedy's creations since 2001 with Max Payne

          P.S. 4 hours till QB release on Steam! o/


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            It came free with the Xbox my wife purchased. I think it was the download. I'd hadn't played a game system since Nintendo 64 and Atari before that.
            Decided to try it out and have been hooked ever since. I play it through a couple times a year.
            I don't really play any other games. So yeah, they should make a sequel


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              I found out about it sometime 2009, I think either during the TGS or E3. I forgot about it for a few years, until the Steam winter sales of 2013 or so, where I bought it at a discounted price and played the shit out of it afterwards.
              The "Alan Wake development history" fanatic strikes again!


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                Same here as most people mostly i had been a fan of Death Rally, then i got hooked on Max Payne thats actually about when i heard about it was with Max Payne ok im bragging here but i bought the limited edition and i played it so many times.


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                  E3 2005 announcement trailer. Still the best trailer of Alan Wake

                  That early glowing logo of Alan Wake felt so natural...