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Phil Spencer gives Remedy the OK for AW2!?

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  • Phil Spencer gives Remedy the OK for AW2!?

    Just came across this article today:

    Is that a yes to AW2? If he is saying its up to them then to me that is. Lets hope so! I guess we have to wait and see what Remedy says on the matter.
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    It's very clear that Remedy still wants to make Alan Wake 2, going with their "when the time is right" slogan of sorts. The fact is, however, that out of the two current projects Remedy is working on neither is an Alan Wake game. So I'd say AW2 is just as far away as it was when Quantum Break was announced.

    If you ask me, the time would be right around now, since I think the Alan Wake hype is at an all-time high.
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      Huh, that's interesting! Apparently a few other game news sites have picked up the interview as well, but nothing on sites like Polygon, IGN or Kotaku yet. I don't know the original site all that well, and there's not that much in the way of evidence in the article, so I'm not sure how much it will get picked up or how accurate the statement is, but it's definitely interesting! (If I've missed something I would love to be proved wrong though!) It feels like a weird statement given Quantum Break's origins, and how originally the concept was Alan Wake 2 but I'm always in favour of Alan Wake sequel happening, so if it's sounding like Microsoft would be up for it, I'm definitely okay with that!

      [Also just a quick note for visitors checking the forum as the thread is speculation. I do volunteer forum moderation (and post occasional cat gifs) but I don't actually work for Remedy or Microsoft.]
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        Both MS and RMD clearly want to see the game happen (now), we certainly too. So what up?!
        Just do it.
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          I agree with you !!!


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            OMG. If this really happens... I think I just cried a little. AW2 must happen!

            Otherwise I think Remedy and/or Microsoft is somewhat afraid of doing another Alan Wake game as it may not be enough financially profitable in sensilble period of time. It's easier to go forward with a lot more trending mainstream projects which involves massive online multiplayer at its core - something that has a fairly healthy finansial return both in a short and long term :/

            We can hope thought

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