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Let's Play Alan Wake Retrospective

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  • Let's Play Alan Wake Retrospective

    I spent a lot of time using the Mixer broadcast capabilities of the Xbox One while the service was in testing, and I felt the best way to make use of the new live streaming feature of the game console was to play one of my favorite games of all time, Alan Wake.

    I know I don't work for Remedy but I know tons of Behind the Scenes information about the game, what was cut, and can provide a decent insight into the game's complex story.

    You can watch the whole Let's Play by clicking the link below but just be aware there will be spoilers.

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    Watched for few minutes. Gonna watch more later, maybe even through the whole thing.

    Man. This game is so good! All the small, but big things like Alan latest and last Alex Casey books dragging along with Alan in the trunk of the vehicle. His new character mocking him for bad writing, for not creating any meat around the bone. A hollow husk. Some serious self doubt the Alan. Writer's block eh.
    Just the way everything is connected to tell a story. Gameplay, environments, music, everything.
    I bet that you could still find something new to try and but all the pieces together. I will dive in with you later buuudy!
    I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary


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      Thanks for watching it! i hope you like the rest


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        Man, that coal mine must have been a nice working place. They just dug graves in the backyard basically.
        Yeah yeah Billy died boo hoo back to work you scums!

        I am liking the videos. Good job. Fun for all the boys and girls. Old and new folk of the Alan Wake persuasion.
        I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary