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    Now that Xbox One X is out there and they are doing magic with the backwards compatibility program (see Forza Horizon for example), would it be so sweet to have Alan Wake and American Nightmare enhanced for Xbox One X? 4k Alan Wake... It almost would make up for not having Alan Wake 2 (anytime soon), right?

    Could Remedy pull some strings to make it happen? As far as I understand it, Microsoft will do all the work with the emulator (testing and all that) and it's all about just choosing which games they will enhance next.
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    When I saw the title to this thread I assumed it meant enhanced in an entirely different way.

    like I pictured Alan Wake in a senate hearing with the senators asking “have you enhanced?” and he would respond “yes, by fan demand I did enhance.”


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      Considering Alan Wake got pulled on most storefronts a while ago because of licensing issues, there probably are a few issues to overcome before the game could be remade.

      Honestly, even though I love Alan Wake, I'd rather see Remedy get done with their current projects first... I want to know what the hell P7 is, dammit. If the currently even less known mysterious "third project" that was mentioned in the financial statement turns out to be Alan Wake 2, though, it would make sense to rerelease and maybe even remake AW1 so folks interested can experience the full game.
      The "Alan Wake development history" fanatic strikes again!


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        Actually , one of the first Xbox One X enhanced titles is Forza Horizon which is also pulled from stores due to expired licenses. So that is not a problem for Microsoft. X-enhancing does not require any (programming) work from Remedy so they are free to do other projects. I'm just suggesting that Remedy could sweet talk Microsoft to do X-enhancements for Alan Wake. The fanbase is in need.
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