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Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

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    Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

    I think nightmare difficulty is the way how this game was meant to be played. My first play through was with hard difficulty and it was rather easy. Nightmare difficulty has brought many great moments. Good example would be: I was running through the forest and suprise, Takens surrounds me. Of course I fight, give them little light, shoot them and run. Then comes the moment when I realize my ammunitions are done and there is only few batteries left. I run as fast as I can towars the light that shines far away, but because Alan isnīt super hero he runs even slower. There is still long way to the light so I turn around and point light towards the 4 Taken spread around Alan. I try to slow them down by this so Alan can get some fresh air. Few seconds pass and itīs time to run again. There is still good distance to the light and every time I turn around to slow them down, Taken has catched a bit of Alan. Every time they are little closer and the music gets tighter and tighter.

    On hard difficulty I didnīt cross not even once moments like this. It was more action oriented game. On nightmare this game gives great moments and it feels like a different game. Oh man, I love nightmare difficulty.


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      Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

      The game wasn't that hard to beat. I beat it normal my first time just to get good at it. I am currently playing it on Nightmare. I am in episode 5 right now. It is definetly harder, it's basically just that the Taken take more shots to kills so strategy is now much more important, like if you want to waste you ammo or just run for the light. Best way to answer your question is to just try it out, practice on normal or hard and then go to Nightmare. I want the pages too, I think I missed a few so I still have to keep replaying.


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        Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

        Originally posted by Elyunn View Post
        I am sure for avid gamers and people very good and familiar with shooters this is a very true statement. But for me and others, it's just not accurate. On normal there were several places I found quite difficult and challenging.
        ^^^ This.
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          Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

          im going to run through after i do another playthrough to get the few achievements i missed (i dont want to be searching for can towers or themoses on nightmare!). hopefully, how im imagining it, it will be like cod4 (the only good cod, might i add) where it will be tough but ill keep hitting checkpoints and moving forward, despite probably dying... A LOT
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            Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

            Its a bit tougher than normal. Like others have said, to me it feels how normal should have been. The birds actually have a purpose, in normal mode i would just hug a wall and didn't find the birds to pose a threat. The fighting takes more thinking, not just shining light and shooting anymore. You have to run away, learn how to use your light correctly. Its alot more intense and more fun to me.

            I do have a question, are there headshots in this game? Or does each taken just have a general '5 shot kill' thing. I haven't played in 2 days so i forgot what the specific number is, i think the standard taken takes 4 shots.


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              Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

              Not the hardest difficulty ever, but it's a big step up from before. You just have to be on your toes a lot more than usual, that's all.
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                Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

                Nightmare wasn't that bad. I played on Hard my first time through, the only major difference is that it takes more shots to kill Taken.

                1) If facing a group of enemies, light boost each for a split second to stun them, then work them all down.
                2) Conserve ammo by running from fights if needed. Use the above technique to keep moving.
                a) Go for all the stockpile chests and emergency supplies
                b) Use flares to get a lead on Taken
                3) Save flares and flashbangs for larger enemies


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                  Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

                  I played Hard first, and it's harder than that, but it depends on the kinds of games you play and so on.

                  For a normal/casual player, Nightmare will be ridiculously hard. And for how easy games have gotten as of late, it's decently challenging.

                  For someone who plays a lot, and people who have to play Hard first on any normal game to get any sort of challenge nowadays, Nightmare is what we expect Normal or a general "Hard" to be.

                  Like, for the most part, I haven't found it too challenging. I've died a lot at stupid parts, but it's because I am not very conservative with my ammo. I basically have been treating it like I'm replaying Hard rather than actually acknowledging that I need to play different.

                  That being said, I made it to Episode 4 pretty quickly, in comparison to when I played the first time, so even though it's harder, as long as you know your way around, it's not too bad.

                  I'm heading to the end part of Episode 4, so I don't know how much harder it gets from here.

                  If you played on Normal first and decide to do Nightmare second, it may be a rude awakening though.
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                    Re: Is Nightmare level difficulty hard?

                    i played on hard the first time and got stuck at a few spots where it took a few lives to get past.. but i thought overall it was kinda easy.

                    nightmare on the other hand.. i can definitely notice is "harder" but i'm actually dying less. i guess my strategy just improved a good bit. i honestly think hard should be like nightmare is


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                      I know this is quite a necro, but this thread is the first that google turns up when I searched for "differences between normal and nightmare difficulty in Alan Wake"..}

                      Here's a detailed list of the differences, since it was never specifically mentioned in this thread:

                      So, for anyone searching this topic currently, "You're welcome!". :-)

                      People do still play this game from time to time, myself included.