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Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

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  • Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

    [SIZE="1"]Sorry if there's a thread for this, but the search function didn't show anything like it, so...[/SIZE]

    Ever since the release of the game I have been wondering, where did Remedy draw inspiration from while creating the small town of Bright Falls - and the milieu in general?

    I'm Finnish, and so is Remedy, and to me the forest surrounding the town seems like your typical finnish coniferous forest and the town also reminds me a bit of a small, maybe northern finnish town, but in general Bright Falls, to me resembles a (what I would imagine) an idyllic small and distant american town where cohesion is strong and the community is small.

    So I guess I'm asking this more from the guys at Remedy, but if anybody else knows s'all good!

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    Re: Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

    It has inspiration from lots of Northwest towns. I'm from Washington and it's very similar to small towns in this state, I've even been to a deerfest-like event in a small town.

    According to Alan Wake Illuminated, the team visited the towns of Astoria and Northbend.


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      Re: Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

      I specifically remember in the AW book that Crater Lake was the real world analog to Cauldron Lake.


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        Re: Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

        If I were you, I'd buy Alan Wake Illuminated. Pretty much answers most of your questions regarding game development.


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          Re: Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

          Most things you see in the game are based on something that our guys saw during our research phase. We took something like, oh, I think it was 60,000+ photographs in and around Washington state to get that whole Pacific Northwest look down, so things look pretty authentic. (We did comparatively little concept art; we tended to use photographic references instead.)

          That said, it's true that the Finnish and the Pacific Northwest woods have some surprisingly strong similarities, but really, that's more a coincidence than anything else. (It's no secret that Twin Peaks was a big influence on us; obviously, I'm exaggerating here, but if the series had been set in Arizona, Alan Wake might look completely different! =))

          Anyway, you can see some examples of how we used real world locations as a reference to create pretty authentic-looking in this Dread Central article, for example.

          And yeah, there's more about this subject in the Alan Wake Illuminated art book.
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            Re: Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

            @Jon Ahh, cool.
            Didn't notice much similarities between Astoria and Bright Falls, but North Bend was much like it to me. That's also where Twin Peaks was filmed - why am I not surprised?

            Another thing I noticed while researching was that four miles east from North Bend, there is a park, Olallie State Park, which has waterfalls and other elements of landscape resembling what you see in, say, episode 2.

            It also has a closed sawmill - around Bright Falls there are closed mine coals, silver mining locations and such... Man it would be interesting to visit North Bend !

            @Maniac that's cool, and yes indeed, they seem similar.
            Also, both Diver's Isle and Wizard Island in Crater Lake are located in the west end of the lakes.

            @Mikki (your message was posted when I was writing) ahh, geez, thanks, that's an interesting read. Pretty much makes 90% of everything I wrote above useless And yep, never thought it was a secret, the influence from Twin Peaks is only good, I always loved the series. Nothing from Skandinavia, though?

            Damn, now I need to get my hands on that art book. It's an awful lots of money to spend to buy from eBay/the U.S, I only have the normal version of the game.
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              Re: Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

              There's also some about this on the documentaries with the CE, if you have access to that.
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                Re: Town of Bright Falls - where did RMD draw inspiration?

                The four fixtures I always remember what they're based off of are the Lighthouse, the Dam, Cauldron Lake, and Cauldron Lake Lodge. Other things here and there remind me of places I've been to and seen (live in the Pacific Northwest) but those stook out to me more as places I've actually stayed at or visited a few times and immediately recognized them in the game.

                The Lighthouse is indefinitely based off of the North Head Lighthouse in Washington.

                The Dam is definitely based off of the Diablo Dam in Washington.

                Cauldron Lake is definitely based off of Crater Lake in Oregon.

                Cauldron Lake Lodge is definitely based off of Mount Hood Lodge in Oregon.

                There are others I'm sure but those 4 were the ones I immediately recognized as being based off of distinguished locations when I was playing.
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