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Great Game so far!

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  • Great Game so far!

    Just wanted to say that this is a great game so far.

    I could see it being just another shooter if you don't pay attention to the symbolism. If you play during the day with lots of noise going around you or with the lights on.

    However, I only play this game from 12am - 2am with the lights off with headphones on and it is really getting into my head. The flashes that Alan wake have are so disturbing. Although there are a few JUMP scares that are kinda cheap, the game has an overall sense of needing to go to the light. The emotional contrast of night and day is so amazing. There is so much symbolism in this game, I think they really hit the nail on the head with the META-mentality that is being created in North America (and possibly globally) at this time.

    I even had to intentionally die like 12 times in a row just to stop feeling so tense in one of the sections I was going through. The only other game that has come close to scaring me this much is "Amnesia: The Dark Decent". Silent Hill 1 and the first couple hours of Doom 3.

    I strongly suggest if you are only on your first playthrough to only play at night with headphones on. It is such a better way of experiencing the story it was meant to be experienced.

    Playing during the day with your dog running around barking while sitting on your couch in broad day light will not allow you to get the true experience this game has to offer, imo.

    Great work Remedy.

    Also, is barry's voice the same voice from the guy in Max Payne 2? I believe, Vinny? The guy who has the suit that will blow up if he takes it off.

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    Re: Great Game so far!

    Moved to Alan Wake general discussion. Do continue
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      Re: Great Game so far!

      Glad to hear you are enjoying it. It's one of my favorite games. Agreed on your poin about it being a shooter. If you are just looking for a shooter then this isnt the best game for you, but if you are into symbolism and a killer story driven game then Alan Wake is great!


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        Re: Great Game so far!

        I just beat it today and I'm amazed at how well Remedy still polish their games and create them with creativity and care.

        I'm very happy that Remedy is back on my PC. Been so long since MP2!