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Biggest dissapointment since Shenmue 3 was cancelled. (But, alas!...)

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  • Biggest dissapointment since Shenmue 3 was cancelled. (But, alas!...)

    Anyone agree? This is like reliving the same nighthmare all over again... left on a ridiculous cliffhanger just like at the end of Shenmue 2, to never see what happens in the plotline? No conclusion to one of the greatest videogame stories/ experiences ever??!

    But alas, Remedy I think is in a better position than the Shenmue team was at Sega at this time, and I think its very plausible they will come back with an Alan Wake Sequel if the sales of Quantum Break are good enough. So, everyone go support Remedy by getting the new game when it comes out... do what i'm gonna do just buy the Xboxone used from someone online after its been out for a while, that way, you are supporting Remedy's game by buying it NEW, but not supporting the idea of the console itself. Get it? Good idea right, maybe that'll get the message across and bring us AW2 even faster!!!
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