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Why is nightingale chasing wake?

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  • Why is nightingale chasing wake?

    I have played through this game so many times, but i never understood what drew nightingale to bright falls and consider alan wake his enemy.
    Its as if he knew about the manuscript and its purpose and actually believed in it too.

    But how is this possible?
    nightingale is one of my favourite characters, but i never truly understood why he came to bright falls in the first place.

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    Re: Why is nightingale chasing wake?

    There are several theories but none of them have been completely confirmed. It's obvious he's gone rogue and is not participating in any sanctioned FBI activities since he's never able to produce any written orders to Bright Falls PD.

    From what I read, Nightengale was supposed to be a playable character in the game's original design document, but that was changed because of time.

    If you've read the "Alan wake files" book included in the Alan wake CE, you would read that clay steward (the guy in the jacket who leads Alan into the cabin and gets killed in Alan's first dream) believed that Nightengale was a dreamer like Alan and clay. There was also some background information provided on him, including the fact he lost a partner in a darkness related method, and because he may have been having similar dreams as Alan and Clay, he believed Alan was responsible. This backstory would have been used if Nightengale was a playable character, but since he wasn't it was left out of the game.

    Of course this isn't confirmed.


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      Re: Why is nightingale chasing wake?

      Ah yes Clay Steward, he wrote the book included in the limited edition right? And was in the intro, or alans dream

      But Nightingales backstory is news to me, but it sounds believable
      I rather like this theory, and i hope well get some confirmation on this in Alan Wake 2
      I think Nightingale will make a return in the next game aswell as mr scratch, two of my favorite characters