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The Brown Car

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    Re: The Brown Car

    @ Golem

    Fair enough if he makes the cars and it's a pretty small town so not much variety in vehicles - with deer hunters and mountaineers that explains the SUVs getting around, but still, wouldn't he make the cars in different colours like all automobile shops?

    If everyone is driving around in an old brown car, isn't that a bit stupid?

    I did notice this car thing but never noticed it was the one he hit the hitchhiker with. I always just saw the car and went straight for it because it has awesome drift (episode 3? when you do that huge hairpin turn).

    The repetition of this vehicle might also represent that the whole game is a dream and he just keeps dreaming the same thing but with different scenarios?

    I dunno, it was a bit odd.


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      Re: The Brown Car

      Originally posted by Grypheon Steele View Post
      the movie with Dicaprio (forget the name but it is fairly new - directed by Scorsesi)
      Shutter island